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A Gifting Guide for your Bride-to-be Bestie

“Happiness and confidence are the prettiest things you can wear on your wedding day.”

*Taylor Swift 

So, your bestie’s wedding is approaching, finally! As the closest chum, what are you planning to gift and let her carry the essence of your relationship with her? When it comes to giving your best friend a perfect D-day gift, people often get confused. Why? Well, finding out something that defines your childhood friendship seems next to impossible. Then what to do?

If you are in the same dilemma, we have got you plenty of interesting and thoughtful gift options that won’t just prove beneficial for your best friend but would bring a smile to her face. You can use the below list to pick the best wedding gift for the brideto make her feel extra special.

1)Handbags – ‘I don’t like carrying handbags, especially when it comes to designer bags,’ said no girl ever! This shows the never-ending mania of handbags among women. Designer handbags are something that women from any age group would drool over. That’s probably why we have some elegant handbags brands like – Hermes, Fendi, Prada, Mouawad, and much more ruling the profit world. Bag Vanity can be a great help to find the different variety of handbags.

2)Bracelets – A line of personalized jewelry items, especially a bracelet with your friends and yours, is the best way to let her remember you for life. If your pocket allows, go for a precious metal made bracelet. There is plenty of gold, metal, or even platinum made bracelets available. You can get them personalized to add a tinge of special effect to it. You can visit in this regard.

3)Skin care products – If you are closest to her, you must know what skincare products she has preferred all her life. Then why not use it as a way of defining that you care for her? Thinking how is that possible? Well, you can get her a gift hamper containing all the natural products for skincare to help her preserve her skin. This can be a great and thoughtful gift, especially when her skin has been wrapped in makeup for her wedding days. 

4)A classy whiskey – Does she love hopping on whiskies and quality rums? Then why not give her one! You can look upon some of the classiest whisky brands in the world like – Speyburn, Highland Park, Glen Moray, Craigellachie, etc. to add some more fun and relaxation to her wedding night with her husband. 

5)A melodious gift – How about filling her life with some romantic songs, so she cherishes every private moment to the fullest? Yes, you can do that with some exciting BlueTooth speakers to jam out the couple’s favorite string of songs. Here, brands like Marshall BlueTooth speakers would work the best. 

6)Perfume – Are you aware of the range of a couple of scents available in the market? Some well-recognized brands are providing a couple of perfumes blending the best fragrance for him and her. Plus, you can get such personalized gift items with their name on the top of the bottles. This can be an amazing gift making her feel special even when she is miles away from you. 

7)A tour to a plush spa salon – If you are closest to her, of course, you would be involved in all the arrangements. Then why not use her wedding preparations to pamper her? Here, we are talking about taking her to a spa salon. In any way, she would have decided to rejuvenate her skin and intact a radiant glow on her face, so give her this present and let her know how much you care about her. 

8)A honeymoon tour – How many times has she revealed her idea of a perfect honeymoon in front of you? We guess a lot of times, right? Then why not use it as a gift option to bring a smile to her face? Make preparations according to what she has been explaining to you throughout the years and strengthen your friendship bond with her forever. 

9)Couple gym membership vouchers – If she is a fitness freak, sweets, and extra lbs gained during her D-day functions would hamper her mental peace. And like a best friend, you can wave off those worries by giving her a couple’s gym membership voucher.

So, when are you planning for a perfect gift for her? 

The final word – 

Undoubtedly, planning and buying a D-day gift isn’t a big hassle until you do not think of getting something for your special friend. Buying a D-day present for your best friend is a challenge. The more you know her, the more options you have in your mind. But make sure whatever you choose brings a beautiful smile to her face. 

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