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Reasons Why Dogs Are Sometimes Better Than Human

You might be wondering why more and more people are getting interested in owning a dog. Some of them are even satisfied not having a partner in life as long as they have a dog by their side. 

If you are still questioning the enthusiasm of others with dogs, here are some of the things you need to know about dogs and why sometimes, they are unfortunately better than humans. 

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How Dogs Are Better Than Men

Of course, not all the time dogs will win the battle between them and men, but just to help you understand why others feel that they want to be in the company of dogs than men, read below:

*They never judge

Whatever your mood is for the day, whatever it is that you wear, they will never judge. Sometimes men keep on giving their unsolicited advice. With dogs, you will never be afraid to show who you really are and be a bit less of yourself. 

You will never feel being judged just because you step back a bit and try to relax. Your dog will treat you exactly the same whatever mood or appearance you decided to show up. 

*They never hold on to grudges

Even if you forget to feed them because you are too busy reading casino reviews or you get mad at them because things didn’t go as you planned, they will never hold on to grudges and they will still try to get your attention just like how they did yesterday. 

*They are always available

When you call them, whatever it is they are currently doing, they will leave it behind and make sure that they can be by your side the soonest time possible. They are always available all the time when you want them to get close to you. 

They will not decline cuddles and always make sure that you can feel their excitement as you call their name. 

*They do not know how to use a phone

Yes, the good news is, dogs do not know how to use a phone and they do not have a social media account to check on from time to time. You will never see them very busy in one corner of your house and not giving you the attention you deserve. 

You do not have to worry as their time is not divided between you and their social media account or their online games. You have them 100% of the time you want. 

*They do not complain

They do not know how to complain even how tough his day was. He will still welcome you home with a wagging tail and a happy face. Whatever food you offer to them, they will eat it. They are content with the love and time you are giving them, even if unfortunately, it is not enough. They will remain loyal and will still be with you however tough and challenging the road is. 

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