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A Day in the Life of Owning a Dog

Owning a dog is a lifelong commitment. By adopting, you’re adding a new family member and companion to your life and home. Regardless of how old you are, you will continue to grow alongside your furry friend. There is no pause button, as you will have to care for your dog on a daily basis. In doing so, you’ll start to develop a routine when it comes to feeding time, walks and even trips to the vet. You will eventually internalize this routine until it becomes second nature. If your dog could speak, they’d thank you for it (considering they cannot walk and feed themselves). This article will give you some examples of what it could be like in the day of owning a dog.


The first step in your daily dog routine is starting off your day with a positive outlook. Your dog can sense when you are upset, so start the day with the best mindset you can muster! This isn’t just for the sake of your dog, but yours as well. There is no point in wallowing when the day just started. Plus, if your dog could speak to you, they’d tell you to be happy.

The next step in the morning ritual is breakfast time. Establishing a set feeding time in the morning will benefit your pup for consistency sake. This will also keep a consistent bathroom break. After every meal, make sure to go for a walk with your dog. You need to put a collar and leash on to take your dog for a walk. If you’ve got a small dog, check out these collars for small dogs. Come rain or shine, dogs always need to be taken out. They are active creatures that require exercise to avoid running around your home and becoming restless. This is especially important for puppies. Typically, the younger your dog, the more energy he or she has. If you do not take them out for regular walks throughout the day, starting with the morning, they will resort to running around your home, which could result in things breaking.

While you are on the morning walk, you will also have to make sure that you clean up after your dog. Any potty related messes will have to be put in a plastic bag that’s thrown away. This is ensuring that you do not let street passerby’s accidentally step in dog poop. In addition, depending on where you are, you will encounter signs that remind you to pick up after your dog.

If you do choose to take your dog for a walk in public then ensure that it is properly trained and friendly with people. If it isn’t then there is a chance that it could bite someone and you could be hearing from a law company like Batta Fulkerson. This is why it is wise to properly train your dog before going out in public.


Training your dog is incredibly important and is something that shouldn’t be neglected. While you may think that after your dog has learned how to speak, sit and roll over the training does not need to continue, you are wrong. Constant training will stimulate your dog’s mind! Keep up to date on some of the most useful dog training tips for best results. Your dog will come to love training on a daily basis, especially when you give them a reward. Treats will encourage your pup to do the trick you want them to perform. You can also positively reinforce them on a job well done with the treat.

While the vet is not necessarily a daily visit, you must ensure that your dog receives regular check ups! If you (or your dog) aren’t a fan of visiting the vet, then you could make use of a home-visiting mobile vet service, this is a lot easier for most people and means that your dog doesn’t have to get stressed out by a visit to the vets. The health of your pup is of utmost importance, especially for your pet’s happiness. If your small dog happens to come in contact with fleas, flea eggs, larvae, ticks or chewing lice, PetAction provides a spot treatment. Know and understand your different treatment options for when necessary.


Every dog needs some time for play. The great news is that there is no better time for it than the evening! Take your pooch outside and play a classic game of fetch or ball. If you ever get bored of those two options, you can always start getting creative with new games (or Google). Another classic, of course, is a game of tug-of-war. If you still have a puppy that is not yet strong, remember to let them win at a game of tug of war here and there. So, we’ve listed an option for you and your dog to play together. In addition to this, you can set up play dates with other dog owners in the evening. Your dog will surely appreciate having the opportunity to play with other dogs, while you bond with some people (and potentially make new friends). A friend of mine has quite an old pooch who still loves to get out and about even if she doesn’t have the legs to run like she used to. In the end, my friend decided to look at some dog strollers in order to allow her to get the chance to explore like she used to. Having known next to nothing about dog strollers, she decided to check out some reviews and found the perfect one for her.

The early evening is a good time for another meal as well as some grooming. Groom your dog regularly and have everything you need to do so. This does not have to be expensive, so long as you have a good comb and shampoo; you’re already on the right track. Know the necessary steps for nail trimming, ear cleaning and even brushing the teeth. After all, even your dog needs a bath. Now that they are squeaky clean, they’re ready for a mini photo-shoot. Every dog owner is guilty of taking numerous, possibly too many, photos of their pet and posting it on social media. At least with the bath their fur is shiny again. That is, until it rains and they start walking through every muddy puddle on the street.

No matter how busy you get in life, a constant routine is beneficial for both the owner and the pet. There are some events, such as visits to the vet and baths that do not need to be done every day. Meals, walks, playtime and grooming, on the other hand, are all a daily occurrence. There are many other things that have not been mentioned but are additional daily activities. This includes snuggling up during a movie or even at bedtime. While there are some additions to the everyday routine, the consistency of things can keep your dog feeling calm. Moreover, your dog will learn when it is time to go for a walk without you even needing to reach for the leash. They will bark and sit by the door, ready before you are. The same idea applies to the meals of the day. Your dog will wait by their bowl when it is time for their meal, knowing that it happens around the same time every day. Consistency makes things easier for everyone, so why not follow through?


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