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How To Prepare a Fish to Cook: A Simple Guide

Did you know, it is good to eat fish at least once a month? Heck… at least once a week!

Not only is fish delicious and versatile, but it is also a great source of healthy protein and omega 3. Whole fish from the fishmonger is some of the freshest available, and preparing fish at home is easier than you think.

If you want to improve your culinary skills and enjoy quality food by learning how to prepare a fish yourself, there are a few simple tips you should know.

Read on for our step-by-step guide on preparing fish to cook at home.

1. Choose Your Fish

Before you begin, take the time to find high-quality fish for your meal. There is a huge range of different fish readily available to you at your local supermarket or fishmonger.

You should consider what type of flavor you’re looking for when you buy a fish. For milder pallets, consider white fish such as cod, flounder, or halibut. Mild fish can act as a great flavor base and allow you to add whatever flair you like.

More flavorful varieties such as tuna, salmon, or trout can be the star of the show with even minimal seasoning. The best fish recipes keep the flavors simple. Remember, always shop sustainably.

2. Gutting a Fish

Although preparing whole fish can seem a little daunting, don’t be put off. Whole fish is often better value for money and some of the freshest available.

To gut a fish, follow these simple steps:

1) Remove the scales by scraping each side of the fish with the back of a knife 

2) Cut along the fish’s belly using a sharp knife and remove the guts

3) Cut off the head and gills

4) Wash the inside of the fish with running water

5) Pat dry and remove the fins

A sharp knife is your best friend when preparing fish. Follow the link to find the best knife for gutting a fish and browse electric knives for sale.

3. Cooking Fish

Once you have gutted and cleaned your fish, choose some seasonings. Depending on the type of fish you’ve decided to prepare, a few great pairings are cod with lemon and thyme, salmon with dill and pesto sauce, trout with almonds and capers, and flounder with rosemary and tomato.

Once your fish is dressed, there are many different ways to cook it. The best fish recipes are quick and straightforward.

Consider pan-frying, broiling, or deep-frying for white fish. Oily fish is delicious when poached, grilled, or baked.

How to Prepare a Fish Made Easy

So that’s the 101 on how to prepare a fish at home.

Fish suppers are quick, easy, and healthy. Impress your friends and family with a freshly prepared fish tonight with our simple guide. The possibilities are endless!

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  • Lauryn R

    This I really great advice, thank you so much for sharing! I don’t know very much about seafood since I’ve never been a big fan. I think a lot of it has to do with how it’s prepared. I know I like it if it’s cooked right, with a lot of flavor. My husband loves fish so I need to learn how to prepare and cook it better.

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