Savvy Gift Ideas

8 Tips to Always Have Great Gift Ideas

If you’re not stressing over buying gifts for people who don’t like gifts, you may worry that any gift idea you have isn’t good enough. Everything you think of is either too expensive or too cheap. They might have it already, or you aren’t sure that it’s something they would like. It conjures up quite the conundrum. 

But some people are excellent at giving gifts. It’s like they know what someone needs at any time, and they can find it easily ready to hand over on Christmas day. If this sounds like the complete opposite of you, maybe you need some advice, so here are eight tips to always have great gift ideas and give the best presents to your loved ones. 

Pick An Experience 

Nowadays, people aren’t always looking for physical gifts that they may only use a few times and then forget about or break. Instead, they want to do something. Finding the best experience gifts has never been easier, either. There is a wide range of resources where you can find affordable and exciting experiences that make great gifts for every interest. 

If you know anyone who has been talking about doing something for a long time but has never had the chance, you can pick an experience they will love, but make sure they have long enough to use the experience before the coupon expires. 

Keep A List

If you always feel like you never know what to buy someone, you can keep a list of things they mention throughout the year. You would be surprised at how often someone says something like I wish I had… or I need a new… without any intention of buying it themselves. 

Keeping a list (like an Amazon Wishlist or merely a note on your phone) means you always have something to choose from when gifting season or occasions come around. They might even be surprised that you knew, as they could have forgotten they mentioned they needed something anyway. 

Think About What They Love

You can also think about things the recipient loves. This is useful for Secret Santa gift-giving or potlucks where you might not know someone as much as you’d like, but you have a basic understanding of what they like. 

If you’re buying a gift for people who love certain sports teams, wrapping the present in paper from the opposing team is always amusing. Likewise, any inside jokes between you are always a good source. Make sure you back it up and buy a hilarious t shirt as well, though.

Likewise, loved ones who are into collecting items, such as coins, might adore a gold buffalo coin to add to their collection. It doesn’t always need to be this extravagant, though. Even a book for someone who enjoys reading will usually go down a treat. 

Ask Yourself What They Need 

If you know someone well enough, you can ask yourself what they need and buy it for them. Like keeping a list, you need to pay attention and treat them, especially if they are avoiding a purchase because they want to save money. If you want something special for your mother or the woman you love, you can consider purchasing jewelry. You’re loved one may be thinking about buying jewelry but won’t because they’re saving money. It will surely be one of the perfect gifts for her. Jewelry draws attention to specific body features such as the neck, face, and hands which allows one to experiment with the appearance and enhance their beauty.

You could also know what other people have bought them, so you can use this as inspiration to give them extra accessories that enhance the gift. If you know someone else has bought them a camera, buying a camera bag as an additional gift means they can use it as soon as possible. 

Make It Personal 

Considering there is a significant cost of living crisis across the world, more and more people are wondering whether paying for expensive but short-lived gifts is worth it. Instead, handmade gifts are becoming increasingly popular. Not only is this more affordable, but it also means more than a typical gift you could buy at any retail store.v 

This is a great choice for those closest to you, especially if you have a creative streak or a knack for making things. Maybe you make notebooks or cute stuffed animals. You can give these to friends and family for a fraction of what you’d spend on other items while giving them something that means much more. 

Do Something Funny 

You may not want to do something funny for people you barely know, but having a backlog of joke gifts (or at least, what seem like joke gifts at first) can give the recipient a laugh and still ensure they get a good gift. 

If you’re buying a gift for people who love certain sports teams, wrapping the present in paper from the opposing team is always amusing. Likewise, any inside jokes between you are always a good source. Make sure you back it up with a good gift as well, though. 

Stalk Their Socials 

If you’re struggling with a gift, you can always take to social media and browse their pictures or activities to see what they like to do. This is a good choice for Secret Santa but also any time when you feel completely devoid of ideas, even if you know the person well.

You might stumble across something that inspires another gift. If they love to travel, they might have a destination that means a lot to them. If this is the case, buy them a puzzle based on this destination, giving them a present they will use a lot. 

Have A Backup Gift 

No one wants to give a backup gift, but sometimes it’s the only option. While buying gifts throughout the year may seem weird, it can help you get out of a tricky situation if you’re faced with any last-minute gift-giving requirements. Take advantage of sales for toys for kids or electronics, but ensure you have a good idea of who you will give them to once the gift-giving season arrives. You don’t want to give someone a present that they won’t want or use. 

Wrapped Up Nicely 

Surely whatever you buy as a gift will be good enough. After all, it’s not about the present but the act of giving. Still, it’s always nice to know you’ve bought something that someone will love and use, so making sure you have great ideas and can give excellent gifts each time will make you more confident with every neatly wrapped bow and card wishing them a healthy year ahead.