8 Super Fun Destinations for Pet Friendly Vacations

Where can you go on vacation if you want to take your furry friends with you? Check out this guide to America’s best pet friendly vacations to find out.

There are around 90 million dog owners in the USA.

We know that pets boost our mental and physical health and are, of course, ridiculously cute!

As a result, it makes total sense that we want to spend a lot of time with our pets! If you’re going on vacation, then it’s likely you want to take your furry friend along with you. 

Continue reading this article, and we’ll look at just a few places in the US that you can enjoy relaxing or adventurous pet friendly vacations!

1. Explore Asheville, North Carolina

Have you always dreamed of exploring the Blue Ridge Mountains? If so, why not take your pooch along with you too? 

While exploring North Carolina, Asheville is the perfect, dog-friendly base. It will take about an hour to drive to the mountains, but it is a great place to explore when the sun goes down.

There are plenty of pet-friendly restaurants in the city so you can be sure that after a long day of walking, you’ll have somewhere to refuel.

Furthermore, while you explore this city, you’ll find a wealth of street art that both you and your pup can enjoy. Finally, finish your day by drinking a craft beer at a pet-friendly brewery!

2. Enjoy the Ocean at Outer Banks, NC

If you’ve visited Asheville and fallen in love with North Carolina, we can’t blame you. Next up on the list is Outer Banks. 

If you’re an ocean lover, skip Asheville entirely and head straight for the beach instead. Here, you’ll find many pet friendly beach rentals

You’ll be able to enjoy sipping on cocktails next to a pool with a beach view, and your furry friend will be right there next to you too! 

Although this location is rather busy during summer, it’s worth battling the crowds for some much needed time by the ocean.

3. Walk Along the Dog Beach in Key West, Florida

If you love the sunshine, you have to visit Florida.

Although the dog beach in Key West isn’t huge, it’s a very pleasant place for pet owners or those who love dogs! 

If you’re in Key West and love adventuring, you simply have to get in touch with Lazy Dog Kayak. This company is all about letting you explore the waters with your pooch.

Make sure you let your social media followers know in advance that you will be spamming them with hundreds of picks of your pup on a kayak.

4. Enjoy the Beauty of South Lake Tahoe, California

This city is located in the Sierra Nevada mountains, which makes it a brilliant place to visit if you and your dog love hiking!

You’ll find hundreds of trails to explore with beautiful lakes to sit next to or even swim in with your dog. The Rubicon Trail is particularly stunning!

If you love animals, then why not try horse riding during your stay in California? There are many places for you to get close to nature! Choose a stable with good reviews, so you know the animals are treated well.

Finally, treat your pet by taking them to a store called Dog, Dog, Cat. You’ll find this store in Raley’s Shopping Center. You’ll find hundreds of pet accessories, snacks, toys, and more! 

Better yet, this is the best place to visit if you need more inspiration for your trip to Lake Tahoe. The staff will have hundreds of great suggestions for you.

5. Visit a Dog Park in Portland, Oregon 

There are dozens of dog parks scattered around this city, so you’ll find it’s very easy to explore and ensure your pup has a place to run around off-leash.

Better yet, you’ll find that many people in this city are welcoming of animals, so breweries, cafes, restaurants, and hotels all have open doors to furry friends.

For instance, The Knock Back is a restaurant that boasts a fire pit, happy hour, and delicious food. The best bit is that dogs are invited to visit all year round!

6. See the Sights with Your Pooch in Seattle

There 153,000 dogs in Seattle! Meanwhile, there are only 100,000 children. As a result, you can expect hundreds of things to do with your pets in this city.

Don’t miss Washington Park Arboretum, where you can take your pooch (so long as they are on a leash).

Better yet, if you’re in the city during Oktoberfest, you can take your dog to Dogtoberfest! Of course, make sure you don’t drink too much, so you remain a responsible dog owner.

If you’re feeling hungover, then you’ll definitely come across multiple “doga” sessions where you can practice yoga with your pup.

7. Eat at a Mobile Food Truck for Dogs in Austin, Texas

Austin is home to almost 200,000 dogs. You can bet that when locals love their dogs this much, there are lots of unusual things to do with them in the city! 

For example, Bow-Wow Bones is the best place to visit if your pooch is looking a little hungry after a long day of sightseeing. Have you ever heard of a mobile food truck for pups?

While exploring the city, you’ll come across hundreds of pet-friendly restaurants so you can grab a bite to eat too. When you’re feeling full up of food, visit one of the many dog parks where you and your dog can lie down in the grass.

8. Watch a Movie in Denver, Colorado 

Yep, that’s right. In Denver, you can go to a drive-through movie theatre with your pet in tow. The 88 Drive-In Theatre is truly a unique experience. 

Exploring this city is a treat with a dog at your side. Make sure to visit Lowry Dog Park and Kennedy Dog Park so your pooch can meet other pets. 

Still Looking for Pet Friendly Vacations?

If you love traveling with your pooch, then perhaps it’s time you left the US and traveled to new countries together too?

Europe is a great place to explore with your dog, and if you love pet friendly vacations, then taking a cruise with your pet is great fun! 

Enjoyed this article? Check out the rest of the website for more savvy pet trips! 

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  • sally jones

    i think its great that there is places out there that will allow you to take your fur babies on vacation with you.some people cant afford to have others pay to take care of the animals while you are gone.plus they are part of your family

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