My Savvy Review Of The John Boos Co. Reversible Maple Chopping Block @SMGurusNetwork @johnboosco

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My Savvy Review Of The John Boos Co. Reversible Maple Chopping Block @SMGurusNetwork @johnboosco

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It is no secret to anyone that knows me that my favorite room in my home is the kitchen. It is the place that I love to cook and create delicious meals and it is a place that I find myself and my family gathering in constantly. Our kitchen is the heart of our home which is why I love ensuring that I have the perfect tools and gadgets to create the many delicious meals for not only my family but also my friends when we have get together’s and gatherings. This is why I am obsessed with all things John Boos for my cutting board and chopping block needs. 

My John Boos Cutting Boards and Chopping Blocks are my babies… literally…. and I am not sure what I would ever do without them as they are so versatile and beautiful. The John Boos Reversible Maple Thick Chopping Block that I received is no exception and it is a masterpiece that I will love for many years to come as it is crafted and made right here in the USA by skilled craftsman using time honored techniques since 1887. I chose the middle size option for this chopping block and it is a generous 20 inches by 15 inches by 2.25 inches thick.

Check out this video that shows the craftsmanship that goes into every John Boos Co Cutting Board & Chopping Block:

Are these John Boos Co. Board & Chopping Blocks not gorgeously made? I love them and every board is unique and different as no two boards are exactly alike. I not only use them for chopping and cutting but for serving too. I have created fabulous cheese and cracker trays using my John Boos Cutting Boards when friends and family come over and it really provides a beautiful serving surface that will impress your guests for sure via gorgeous, rustic presentation.

The care of your John Boos cutting board is important too and their Cutting Board Care & Maintenance Set is a must have when purchasing a John Boos Cutting Board or Chopping Block. This set provides you with the tools needed to keep your board refreshed and looking fabulous at all times. You receive a bottle of John Boos Mystery Oil, One 5 ounce Tube of Board Cream and one applicator. The applicator ensures a smooth application of oil or cream to your board and is the perfect way to preserve and ensure the life of your John Boos Co. board.

So what do you think of John Boos and this gorgeous Reversible Maple Chopping Block? It is the perfect addition to every kitchen as it is perfect for all of your chopping and cutting needs….. Plus it is made by John Boos Co. so you know the quality is amazing that is made right here in the USA and the final result is a stunning work of art. Check out John Boos Co. at their website plus check them out on social media as well!


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92 Replies to “My Savvy Review Of The John Boos Co. Reversible Maple Chopping Block @SMGurusNetwork @johnboosco”

  1. Nancy Burgess says: Reply

    I love this chopping block so pretty.

    1. Melissa Lockhart says: Reply

      I will have a Boos Block like this in my Tiny Home. Josh Galliano (best chef ever) introduced me to these – he LOVES them. There couldn’t be a higher recommendation!

  2. Angela Saver says: Reply

    The Reversible Maple Chopping Block is absolutely beautiful and it would put to use in my kitchen! I love that John Boos cutting boards are made in the USA.

  3. Peter Mogish says: Reply

    I bought one of these for my sister years ago. Probably time I get one for myself! All cutting boards should be end grain!

  4. This sounds like a fantastic chopping block! I need a really good one.

  5. Micah Kavich says: Reply

    I think it’s a great idea to use as a serving board for cheese trays! I never thought of that.

  6. this is such a great chopping block so different than the one I have mine is not this great

  7. Sheryl Flickinger says: Reply

    John Boss Co makes beautiful cutting boards. I think my boards could use the maintenance kit.

  8. This is beautiful. The care that is necessary is important and it is probably shown in the food that is created on the block because it is a beautiful part of the kitchen to work in.

    1. Awesome giveaway! Would really love to win this prize! Thanks so much for the chance!

  9. Tricia Mason says: Reply

    These are beautiful. I have always wanted a Boos cutting board.

  10. Good to know how to care for it

  11. Melissa Storms says: Reply

    They have beautiful boards. They also do countertops, I bet they are gorgeous.

  12. Robert green says: Reply

    Always good to use their care products to extend the life of your board.

  13. I would have never known about the care products if you hadn’t told me. Beautiful board.

  14. Victoria Barbour says: Reply

    Wow, this is the nicest cutting board/block that I’ve ever seen. The wood is beautiful and would look great in my kitchen. I love that you have also been able to use it to serve food while entertaining.

  15. I think it’s absolutely spectacular and would add a little life to my kitchen counters!

  16. This is such a nice cutting board! I would love one!

  17. What a beautiful cutting board!! I have been wanting a John Boos cutting board for years now! I have never owned a nice one (they are expensive!) and not only do I love the look, but have thick and sturdy they are! All of mine wobble, which makes it a little harder to cut things properly. This one would be a gorgeous piece to have in the kitchen too!

  18. Rose Jackson says: Reply

    The board is absolutely beautiful and the quality as always is outstanding. A wonderful piece that I would love to add to my kitchen!

  19. Miranda Hanson says: Reply

    John boos is a great brand

  20. I love all their blocks. I love anything wood

    1. Denise lea birdsong says: Reply

      This is a beauty!! The quality will last a lifetime.

  21. Robin Abrams says: Reply

    I need a chopping block. I love how thick this chopping block is. I did not know they made care products for them.

  22. I have a Boos Block and love it… need another!

  23. I’ve wanted one of their islands.

  24. Heather Kaufman says: Reply

    This is such a pretty chopping block.

  25. I love Boos and need this for my new house!

  26. Wow, this is a gorgeous chopping block!! I think it’s really cool that they offer a Cutting Board Care & Maintenance Set too. Very nice!

  27. Luv it. Boos is the best!

  28. I really want one of these and heard Whoopie Goldberg talking about how she loves her John Boos Co Cutting Board too.

  29. Elizabeth Tarlow says: Reply

    The craftsmanship of these John Boos Cutting Boards is amazing!! Such a gorgeous addition an exquisite board like this would make in any kitchen, especially mine!! I love these Boards!

  30. Karen Jaras says: Reply

    Such a beautiful work of art. I would be honored to display it in my kitchen.

  31. What a gorgeous cutting board! I would get a lot of use out of it in my kitchen!

  32. Great Review! These boards are gorgeous.

  33. It’s a great looking chopping block.

  34. Kelsey Vinson says: Reply

    I love this chopping block. Especially how thick it is!

  35. These are really pretty and made in the USA

  36. Well built chopping block. It looks amazing!!! Would love to have one for my kitchen and outdoor cooking use!

  37. Edna Williams says: Reply

    I would really love this! What a great block!

  38. Love this cutting board and I appreciate the detailed review!

  39. Laurie Nykaza says: Reply

    These are such beautiful wood blocks. I dont have one right now so this is some great information in using it . The John Boos Mystery Oil, One 5 ounce Tube of Board Cream sound great to use and keep it looking great.

  40. Lisa Williams says: Reply

    This chopping block is so pretty,it’s almost too pretty to chop on,it looks like an art piece to display in the kitchen. I would be proud to use this chopping block in my kitchen and that cutting board care & maintenance set is so awesome,I didn’t know they had this!

  41. Shannon Laymon says: Reply

    I’ve seen these blocks on cooking shows. They look great. I would love to have one.

  42. Carol Jocoy says: Reply

    This is so pretty and I like that its useable on both sides! I need to upgrade to a better chopping block!

  43. The chopping block looks awesome and sturdy, is hard to find a good chopping board and I had no idea there was a cream to care for it nice

  44. ColleenMarie says: Reply

    The perfect addition to any kitchen.

  45. That board is absolutely stunning!! I love how simple the maintenance is! Just gorgeous!! It looks like it would last forever!

    1. Kari with proper care…. it will last forever!

  46. My husband would be salivating over this. He always heads to the wooden chopping blocks when we go to a kitchen store.

  47. Thank you for this! I would love to own one fo these beauties! And I had no idea how to car for it!

  48. I like a good solid chopping block, since it would last a lifetime. Something that it getting hard to find now a days.

  49. They make the most beautiful cutting boards.

  50. Angie Cullen says: Reply

    Beautiful! Durable and easy to care for.

  51. Ashley Mains says: Reply

    This looks so professional! I would love to have this in my kitchen!

  52. Heather Hollands says: Reply

    I bought a John Boos butcher block for my dad, and now I want one too!

  53. I collect cutting blocks, my boos are my favorite. I would love to add this beauty to my collection. Thanks in advance

  54. Darlene Carbajal says: Reply

    Wow! I need this. Looks great!

  55. Birdie Skolfield says: Reply

    wow i never knew they was an oil made for cutting boards I use lemon and mine are soooo parched !

  56. Kenneth Adams says: Reply

    I love this type of chopping block. It works so well with all types of cutting needs.

  57. A beautiful item with everyday utility…You have just given me an idea for the perfect housewarming gift for my sister & her family !!!

    1. Seriously the most awesome housewarming gift ever!

  58. I don’t actually *need* a new chopping, but boy, do I want one of these these! And John Boos is one of the best names in cutting boards and chopping blocks. They are so pretty on top of being so functional!

  59. I didn’t know lotions and creams were involved in taking care of their wood!

  60. I’ve wanted one of the chopping block tables FOREVER. They are gorgeous.

  61. Wow! these are super high end.. This would be a great way to display a nice meat and cheese platter.

  62. I didn’t realize they made board cream for it.

  63. NICOLE S MARTIN says: Reply

    Beautiful board!! I’d love to have one of these!

  64. I love your passion. The maple butcher blocks are definitely a work of art. This would look really nice on my counter!

  65. I love this chopping board! And how thick and sturdy it is!

  66. I love the look and size of this block. The colorations are simply gorgeous for your kitchen. I have seen these before and have coveted it … and will have one of my own very soon!

  67. I loved watching the video about the Boos Block history! It’s amazing to find a product made here in Illinois! Keep up the great work!

  68. Love that it’s nice and thick!

  69. Ingrid Jackson says: Reply

    This is a beautiful chopping board, thanks.

  70. James Stringham says: Reply

    I prefer wood cutting boards.

  71. ARLENE RODRIGUEZ says: Reply

    Gorgeous chopping block…love the fact it is made in the USA…The size is awesome

  72. I really like the look of the block.

  73. Josh Christian says: Reply

    This looks like a really nice cutting board.

  74. I need to get some of that board cream! I haven’t been taking care of my old board.

  75. I have a very small kitchen compared to rest of my house, just 80 sq ft, wall to wall, & this chopping block could almost serve as countertop. The craftsmanship is wonderful. Would love to have one.

  76. This sounds like an amazing chopping block, I could really use a good one like this.

  77. Billie Rowell says: Reply

    This is such a nice looking chopping block, I definitely need a new one too.

  78. Kristen Joiner says: Reply

    This is such a beautiful chopping block. It will make a great addition to any kitchen and is so nice that it can be left out on the counter.

  79. That is one nice chopping block.

  80. i love that its reversible n made in the usa

  81. Kayte CookWatts says: Reply

    Amazing- I love maple wood and this is almost to pretty to use- but I would get over that. ha

  82. A well-made, wooden chopping block is worth small amount of effort it requires to stay so nice. What a great giveaway!

  83. Elizabeth C. says: Reply

    I actually had a John Boos chopping block, however I gave to it my sister. She LOVED it. I understand why she wanted it. They are incredible. I would love another one.

  84. Diane M Gooding says: Reply

    My thin little cutting boards don’t seem to last. This block is not only beautiful, but it looks sturdy, and with the proper care it should last and last.

  85. Janet OBrien says: Reply

    Quality built! Would love the opportunity to win the John Boos chopping block

  86. Donna Austin says: Reply

    I cant wait to own a John Boos chopping block! Thanks for the info!

  87. You’ve provided some great information. It would be a real treat to own a John Boos chopping block! Thanks for the opportunity.

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