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7 Party Favors Kids Will Surely Love

With their playfulness and great laughs, hosting a party for kids can make any day fun and exciting. Whether you’re hosting a kid’s party or celebrating a milestone, giving party favors is always a great idea. It’s your way of saying thank you for coming to the party. 

Even if you are not hosting a party for children, if you know there’ll be kids in attendance, it’ll be nice if you choose a party favor especially for them. This way, they can leave a grown-up party full of smiles because you give them something they’ll enjoy. 

This article lists some party favors kids will surely love:

1. Wristbands

Whether it’s for a fashion statement or just something trendy, giving a wristband to kids would surely be an awesome idea. To make it more appealing, customizing it with their name would be a guarantee that they’ll wear it every day. They can proudly show it off to their friends. 

Alternatively, you can choose another design for your wrist band. It could just be using a logo of the party’s theme or including their initials to make it more discreet yet personalized at the same time. Depending on what’s trendy today, you can use silicone or fabric for the material. 

2. Custom Chocolate Bars

It’s almost impossible to find a kid who doesn’t love chocolate. With its sweet flavor, kids would go crazy when they see chocolate just waiting to be eaten. To help satisfy children’s cravings and sweet tooth, you might want to consider giving them custom chocolate bars that match the theme of your party. 

You can look for any chocolate bar on the market and just replace the wrappers with something customized. Ensure that you handle the chocolate well and use a food-grade wrapper for safety. For a more personalized touch, you might want to consider making your own chocolate bar. 

3. Painting Set

Giving kids some take-home activities can help keep them occupied and happy even after the party. To help enhance kids’ creativity, you should consider giving them a painting set they can go crazy with. You can include a blank canvas they can work with or a blank toy they can draw on. You can even choose a figure that best matches your party’s theme. It could be a birthday cake, a plane, a gift box, or anything fun and adorable. You should also include enough paint colors to cover the entire item and some paint brushes they can work with. It’ll definitely be something they’ll appreciate. 

4. Origami Kit

Another way you can keep creative kids busy is by letting them explore art or origami. Origami is the process of making something new out of plain paper. It could be something useful or decorative, with the use of folding paper into intricate shapes. 

Luckily, there are plenty of origami kits you can purchase on the market that includes an origami instruction book along with some sample papers they could play with. 

If you want to the budget-friendly option, you can create your own kit by looking for crafts that help to match the party’s theme. Print out the detailed instructions and arrange them into a booklet. Add some fun-colored papers and let kids enjoy the wonders of origami. 

5. Candy Jars

There’s no denying the fact that kids love candies. Almost every kid loves anything that’s sweet and easy to eat. To make children happy, you can use candy jars as your party favors. 

Pick a simple jar and fill it with various candy goodies. You can even look for custom candies that allow you to add a unique shape or style to your sweets. You can just attach a ribbon and a message on the jar indicating how much you appreciate them for coming to the party. 

6. Piggy Bank

The best age to teach people about finances is when they’re still young. Giving them a small piggy bank as a party favor would be an excellent way to start teaching them to save money and be smart about their expenses. You can use cute designs so that they can store it inside their bedroom, making it a decorative piece as well. Their parents might even thank you for giving them something beneficial for their future. 

7. Cute Ref Magnets

There’s something about putting stuffing in front of the fridge’s door that makes children happy. To help them have more fun with the fridge, you might consider giving them cute ref magnets they could play with. It could be cartoon drawings of foods, such as sushi, pizza, fruits, or vegetables. 

To make it more interactive, you can use letter magnets and let kids spell out anything on their fridges. It’s a great way to teach children letters and spelling. 


Luckily, children are in the age when they appreciate anything as long as it looks fun and exciting. For your party favors for kids, you won’t have a hard time looking for the perfect one, as there are plenty of enjoyable ideas you can choose from. With the examples above, you’ll find something that best fits your theme, and kids will love it.