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7 Reasons Laminate Flooring Is The Best Choice For Your Home

If you visit my blog often then you know that my husband and I bought a new home about a year and a half ago. It is a new-to-us home which means there are a few changes we have been working on to get the home where we want it. We have already added a room to the home and painted the entire home from top to bottom before moving in but one thing we have been looking into is replacing the floors in several of the rooms of our home. This is why I did my research and found so many reason to go with laminate flooring. Laminate flooring has come a long way and they have lots of fabulous designs to choose from and I found several that I am loving for our home. Below I am discussing 7 reasons laminate flooring is the best choice for you and your home.


In this day and age my husband and I are looking to save money and laminate flooring is where it’s at. Not only does laminate flooring look amazing but it is super affordable. When I began my flooring search I quickly realized the cost of real hardwood floors was going to eat up our budget, which is why I started looking for more affordable options. Right away I found some ‘wood like’ laminate options that look like real wood! It mimics real wood in every way… even with a hand scraped look to the laminate wood flooring to mimic real hardwood beautifully.

Easy To Install

Laminate flooring is perfection for DIY’ers like me and my husband. It comes in planks that click together easily….. almost like a puzzle. It is perfection for anyone looking to do the project themselves in comparison to installing hardwood. If you are installing real hardwood floors in your home you will need to hire a professional to install the hardwood floors because they can be affected by heat and moisture. If hardwood floors are not installed properly you can end up having issues with gaps in the floor and even bulging. This too makes laminate flooring more economical because you can do it yourself versus paying for a professional to install it.

It Looks Like Real Wood

Like I mentioned above, laminate flooring has come a long way due to technology.  Laminate flooring is now embossed with an authentic hand-scraped woodgrain texture which makes it look like real hardwood flooring. You can now choose from tons of colors and gorgeous grain patterns to suite your needs too and keep in mind that there are also brands that use natural wood along with a few other key materials to make up the floors overall composition.

Extremely Durable

I absolutely love how durable laminate flooring is as well. This is a plus for anyone with kids and pets too as laminate flooring is made almost entirely of wood BUT it has a durable overlay of melamine and beautiful laminate  all presses together to create an amazingly strong ‘abrassion-resitant’ surface. This means your floor will be able to take everything you and your family throw its way….think rolling office chairs, heavy furniture, stiletto heels, dropping heavy items onto the floor and even prevents cigarette burs! I absolutely love that because my laminate flor bot only looks amazing but it provides amazing durability!

Suits Any & Every Room In Your Home

Laminate flooring goes perfectly into any room in your home. You can use anywhere, even kitchens and bathrooms if you purchase a laminate flooring that are waterproof as they have an extra layer of protection. If you want or have heated flooring … you can use laminate as well! Simply install the correct sub-floor for its purpose.

Ways To Maintain

Laminate flooring is super easy to clean and maintain too due to their protective top layer. With this protective layer, dirt cannot penetrate  the wood and a regular clean with your mop or dampened fiber cloth will be perfect for keeping the laminate flooring clean. there is no need for scrubbing, sanding or oiling your laminate flooring… just a quick mop or wipe down is all that is needed.

Perfect For Anyone With Allergies

Laminate flooring is perfect for anyone that suffers from allergies too. Carpets area magnet for dust, dust mites, pet hair and pathogens, BUT with laminate flooring that is not an issue. It is hard for microscopic pest and allergens to thrive and impact your health which makes laminate flooring the perfect fit for anyone suffering with allergies and/or asthma. Simply use a microfiber mop when cleaning the floor and you can keep asthma and other problems at bay.


I hope you found these tips and ideas on adding laminate flooring to your home helpful. If you have additional suggestions.. simply leave a comment below! Thank you for stopping by!


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