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8 Tips for a long family road trip

Our vehicle can be one of our great allies this season as it allows us to enjoy quality family time to go on vacation, rest, meet different places and create new memories. However, we know that traveling with children can sometimes be a bit complicated.  We all want a quiet, entertaining and safe ride, especially for a long family road trip. That’s why today we bring you these 8 tips for a long family road trip you should take into account before going on a road trip with children.


 If you have a family with one or more children, you can no longer afford to make a trip from one moment to another. Now you need some planning that includes an itinerary with the total travel time, in addition to ensuring that the vehicle is in condition, make a list of certain essential objects (medicines, bags in case of dizziness, etc.). One tip is to involve your children in the preparations, as they will feel more protagonists of this “adventure.”

Check your vehicle

Before leaving on vacation, it is important to have the vehicle in perfect condition. It is essential that you check the tires before leaving, perform a brake inspection. It is advisable to carry a liter of extra oil for the engine. It is a good idea to install a car GPS tracker to monitor your vehicle.

Child safety

Do not let your children travel without using an adequate restraint system, even on the shortest journeys. Children under 12 must always travel in the back seat of the car. Those children weighing less than 18 kilos must have an adequate safety seat. These chairs can be obtained in all stores by the children’s department in different models and colors. In the case of children weighing between 18 and 36 kilos, they must have a lift chair that allows them to use the safety belt correctly. Statistics indicate the right rear seat as the safest location for child seats.

Tablecloths Entertainment

A portable DVD with children’s movies or good music may be enough to keep children entertained while traveling. Classic games will never fail and the whole family is having fun. How many white cars will we see pass in 3 minutes? It is not always necessary to go to technology to keep children entertained. 

Obligatory stops

It is convenient that you make stops at least every two or three hours, as this not only allows all family members to stretch the body, go to the bathroom and enjoy some refreshment, but also breaks the monotony and prevents the driver from falling asleep.

Prepare Enough Snacks

Bringing some road trip snacks such as refreshments and waters to the road seems an obvious detail but we often forget! Leave a cooler with snacks, water and juices in an accessible place ready for when children need them. I love bringing chopped fruits, boxed juices, water in anti-spill cups, packaged sandwiches or nuts and dried fruits. The most important thing is to make sure that these can be easy to grab and that do not involve a big mess or end the entire car full of sauces and muddy seats.

Travel with comfort

A basic aspect to make the trip more bearable is that everyone, especially children, is comfortable. Make sure they have enough space to stretch their legs and move their arms and avoid carrying briefcases or bags in the seats as much as possible. Wearing comfortable clothes is essential for a road trip and can make a big difference especially in children’s behavior. You can also take blankets and pillows with you so that children can feel more comfortable and can even rest for a while and make their way shorter. 

Don’t travel at night

This is a controversial point, because although it is unquestionable that in this way the child will sleep much of the way and will not notice the discomforts. But the risk of accidents is increased if the driver is also tired or has difficulty seeing well in the dark. One option would be to leave early in the morning when the little ones can still sleep for at least a couple of hours.

As you can see, what could have been a nightmare can become a pleasant walk if you plan ahead and take comfort and fun a primary objective.

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