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6 Tips for Being a Responsible Dog Owner

Dogs can brighten up your life and change who you are for the better. By caring for another living being, you can start to care for yourself and work to live a better life for your pup. 

While you certainly want to pamper your pooch, there are important tasks that you need to keep in mind if you are going to be a responsible pet owner. These steps are essential for keeping your dog healthy and staying in the good graces of your neighbors. Follow these six tips to make sure you are raising your dog responsibly. 

1. Maintain your pup’s physical and mental health. 

You want your dog to live for years, which is why you take them to the vet regularly for vaccines, flea medication, and other preventative treatments. However, it’s not just their physical health that is important. Many dogs also need help with their mental health. They can experience stress caused by past trauma or feel general anxiety about being left alone or dealing with thunderstorms. 

Ask your vet for recommendations if you have a nervous dog. There are plenty of natural supplements that help dogs deal with anxiety. You can also visit appliedbasicscience.com to learn about pet CBD oil options to help them feel more secure and calm. 

2. Always scoop your pet’s poop.

Scooping poop is an unavoidable part of being a pet parent. When you take your dog for a walk, remember to bring little baggies to collect their waste and remove it safely. Your neighbors might love your dog, but they don’t want its droppings all over their yards. 

If you live in an area with multiple dogs or just have a big backyard where your dog primarily poops, consider using a waste removal service. For example, you can find dog poop removal Algonquin IL that covers poop scooping for individuals or communities. This excellent company will take care of your dog poop in a large array of areas—from Northbrook to Crystal Lake and even as far as Carpentersville and Buffalo Grove. Wherever you’re located, lok into a dog poop scooping service to help you maintain a backyard clear of pet waste. 

3. Set aside time to walk and play with your dog. 

It’s understandable that you will get home late sometimes or feel exhausted from work, but remember that your dog has waited for hours for you to get home. Your arrival is the best part of their day. Don’t ignore your pup. Instead, make sure you have enough time and energy to go for a walk, play fetch, or enjoy some of their other favorite activities. Spending this time together will also prevent negative behaviors like chewing on shoes or peeing in the house. 

4. Find a reliable dog-sitter. 


If you are going to be away from the house for long days—or even overnight —find a reliable dog sitter you can call to watch your pup. Neighbors, local teens, or trusted friends are all good candidates for quality pet care. 

5. Make sure your dog is prepared for the elements. 

Your dog is affected by the weather just as much as you are. During hot days, their thick coats can overheat them and their paws can get burned on the pavement. They also don’t enjoy walking on frozen roads during the winter. Consider your dog’s needs through different seasons. They may need paw protectors during extreme temperatures or a “summer cut,” so that they stay cool during hot months. 

6. Know your dog’s relationship with others.

Not all dogs like people, cats, kids, and other pups. You may find that your canine companion is afraid of large groups or doesn’t want to be around other animals. Keep this in mind and avoid situations that will stress out your pet. You don’t want to cause more trauma and bad experiences. 

Most of these responsible pet owner tasks don’t take much effort, but they can have a tremendous impact on the well-being of your dog. Make sure you build good pet-parent habits early on so your puppy can be happy all the time.

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