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Have Gorgeous Succulents Delivered Straight To Your Door With Succulents Box

It is no secret to anyone that knows me that I love houseplants and I love adding a few to each and every room in my home as they add a special touch to any room and they make it more inviting and cozy.  My mom always had beautiful plants displayed throughout our home and they always added a fresh and beautiful touch to each and every room which is why I have always done the same in my home. Little did I know when I was young that not only did they look pretty… but they were always cleaning the air in our home as well. Yes… plants are natures natural air purifier which makes me love them even more and I especially love Succulents as they are beautiful and super easy to care for. 

recently had the chance to work with Succulents Box which was established in 2017 and that offers 200 gorgeous succulent varieties organically grown in California and all delivered straight to your doorstep. I got so excited and jumped at that chance as I will be moving into a new home in the Poconos soon and these plants will be the perfect addition to my homes decor and I cannot wait to find the perfect locations for them to thrive in.

Succulents Box did not disappoint as I received a perfectly packaged box within 2 days and everything was wrapped individually to protect each piece and all of the plants were intact and super healthy. That speaks volumes to me as they take the extra care needed to make sure that these living little gems are safe and protected and in perfect condition upon receiving them. This is huge especially since they not only sell the plants directly… but they also offer 5 different subscription plan options that make for the perfect gift idea for yourself or for the plant lover on your gift giving list anytime of the year and especially this holiday season. 

Succulents Box sent me everything I will need to create some beautiful freshly planted succulent arrangements that will look amazing in my daughters room and in other areas of the home once we move. They sent me a Beginner’s Kit that contains all of the tools I will need to get to planting plus a 6 piece Crassula Succulent Pack, a 6 pack Assorted Collection Of Live Succulents Randomly Picked, and a 4 pack Rosette Shaped Succulent Pack. They are all so pretty and I am loving all of the different looks of the various species of succulents that they sent and they will for sure look amazing once potted. You can put your plants in decorative cachepots which will dress up your space and the plants too.

The Succulents Box Beginner’s Kit contains everything you will need to grow gorgeous succulents. They have kits available too with plants but the kit I chose contained just the tools. I received a 4 inch Terracotta Pot, a 500ml watering bottle which is perfection for watering the succulents, a set of mini gardening tools, 1 bag of soil ideal for growing succulents and a detailed instruction card for growing the succulents.

The Crassula Succulent 6 pack is a beautiful collection of Crassula succulents. The Crassula variety has succulent leaves that grow in pairs and symmetrically. They have fleshy green leaves that have a triangle shape although sometimes with shapes like egg-like, finger-like, or rounded leaves. You will love this variety and in this pack you will receive varities of crassula that are easy to grow, incredibly adaptable, relatively pest free and low maintenance. They are perfect for the home, office or garden as are all of the varieties of succulents.

The 6 pack Assorted Collection Of Live Succulents Randomly Picked are the perfect assortment. It’s an assortment of succulent plants that symbolize enduring and timeless love and they come in all sizes, shapes and colors that look amazing separately and also grouped together in the same container. They can have attractive flowers too which are really pretty and long lasting, plus they are super easy to grow, come in a variety of shapes and colors, are relatively pest free and they are super low maintenance. 

The Rosette Shaped Succulent 4 pack I relieved are my favorites for sure. I love them all but here is something super cute about this variety. These succulents have leaves that form a wonderful rose-shaped arrangement and they are perfect in any containers, gardens, flower bouquets, and even as gifts or wedding favors! The most popular of the rosette variety are Echeveria, Moonstones, Sempervivum, and Graptopetalum. In addition to their easy to care-for nature and alluring, colorful tones, plant lovers adore that these plants are low maintenance as they store water in their leaves. 

I am going to be doing a beautiful arrangement of these Succulents to bring to our new Lake House in the Poconos potting them in the perfect planter. They will be just perfect for my daughters bedroom as well as in my kitchen on the windowsill. I will update with new pics of my Succulents Box succulents on full display in my home when we move in this November but wanted to show you how gorgeous these succulents are in the meantime. I had to share as the Holidays are around the corner and for me… these are the perfect gift for my mom and my sister who are both big plant lovers. I think I will do a year subscription for my mom so that she can look forward to regular gifts in the mail and each time they are delivered they will bring a smile to her face.

So what do you think of Succulents Box and their fabulous array of gorgeous succulent plants and their fabulous subscription service? Are you like myself and have a green thumb that loves taking care of beautiful houseplants of all varieties of succulents, cacti and even air plants? Look no further than Succulents Box as they have everything you will need to get to growing gorgeous and healthy succulents in your home, office or garden and all at a fabulous price and grown organically here in the US! Check them out online and on social media today.

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