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A Basic Guide For Choosing A Smart TV

TV sets have been big parts of homes around the developed world since the 1950s. Although prices and choices are getting more and more competitive, this can also make a purchasing decision a bit of a daunting one when trying to sift through technical specs and jargon. 

With new generations of viewers hungry for more and more content on TV for both entertainment and learning, making the right choice is an important one for family households and for tech connoisseurs. 

In this short article, we attempt to demystify some of the basic terms and sticking points. 

What is a Smart TV?

In short, Smart TVs are internet-ready TVs. Using Wifi or Bluetooth technology and the best satellite internet, you can connect peripheraps such as games consoles, USB drives, smartphones, speakers and the like to enhance your viewing experience. Wiring and clutter is reduced, and simplicity is the key. 

Choices, choices, choices…

While the market may seem (and is) daunting, all the options for Smart TVs actually break down into a few simple ones. There’s 4K (top of the range), HDR, LED and OLED. Your choice will depend on budget and taste of course, but those are the main specs in a nutshell. 

Ease of use, and lots of choice

With Smart TVs able to access online content freely and easily, you can easily consume content on Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and many other outlets with choices for all ages and tastes. 

Smart TVs enable you to access online content from laptops, tablets or smartphones, and broadcast it onto your much larger screen. You can even build a video wall with multiple tvs on wall so that you can enjoy the largest viewing space possible.

Quality and performance

Manufacturers generally speak in pixels – but how does this actually mean for your enjoyment of the latest Netflix box set? Does it matter?

It kind of does. Your Smart TV’s resolution can be the deciding factor between a middle-of-the-road viewing experience, and a great one. Color quality is a big part, as are motion handling and dark levels. So when making your choice, be sure to cover all bases and, ideally, see the TV in action before casting your vote. 

Getting bang for your buck

With the price of Smart TVs becoming more and more competitive by the year, the decision really has become which Smart TV to get as opposed to whether to choose a Smart TV or a standard HD model. 

What’s right for you?

With a Smart TV, you generally can’t go wrong with your viewing experience. You need to make sure you consider your budget alongside the functionalities and specifications that fit your needs. And be sure to buy from a reputable retailer in the event that anything goes wrong with your Smart TV. 

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