6 Tips for Adjusting Your New Puppy to Your Home

While you may have had this exciting day planned out for some time, your new pup won’t be aware of this lifestyle change until he is in your arms. It is only fair that you properly prepare for this transition so that your furry companion will appreciate the journey ahead. 

1. Purchase His Belongings In Advance

Stocking up ahead of time will save you the hassle of comforting a frightened new puppy while going  from one store to the next collecting essentials. For a smoother transition, prepare for the day by purchasing a crate, bedding material, breed-appropriate food and snacks, chew toys, dishes, a collar and leash, an ID card, carpet freshener, stain remover, and any other items that you deem necessary. You may also find it helpful to schedule an appointment with a veterinarian to get him a checkup and take care of any vaccinations.

2. Create Him A Sacred Space

People and animals alike need their own sanctuary. Whether you choose a small corner or an extra bedroom, designate a space for your puppy and mark it with all of his toys and comfort items. After taking him outside to potty and giving him a full tour, leave him to his sacred area so that he can build a bond with his new safe haven. You will also want to prep the rest of the house by removing any precious items from the floor, blocking off important areas with gates, and covering any exposed cables or cords.

3. Begin Training Him Immediately

I know this may sound a bit self-serving, but it is actually beneficial for the wellbeing of your new puppy as well. Establishing structure straight out of the gate will make it easier for him to become familiar with what is expected, and it will allow for time to explore his new surroundings. In the beginning, it is wise to select a specific spot for him to potty in, and as time moves along, you can introduce him to other areas. The idea is to create a timely sense of familiarity and relieve yourself from having to convince an adult-aged dog to stop urinating on your carpet.

4. Show Him Love And Attention

Initially, you may feel some resistance from your pup, so it is up to you to convince him that he is both safe and cared for. Pick him up and allow him to sniff you to get a sense of your personality, but try not to be too overbearing in your approach. Make sure that you are the one to introduce him to friends and family so that he won’t become startled. Grooming him early on will also help to strengthen your bond as he gets used to being brushed and cleaned.

5. Start Enforcing Rules

Puppies are impressionable and can easily become both spoiled and reckless, so it is wise to establish discipline immediately. Gently make him aware of any house rules that you have set in place by letting him know which areas are off-limits, which items aren’t okay to chew on, and praising him for a job well done. Remember to stay consistent with your teachings so that you won’t confuse him.

6. Give Your Pup His Space

Distinguish the difference between keeping an eye out and smothering your furry companion. While we hope that your new pup will be loveable beyond belief and crave your presence as much as you do theirs, all dogs are gifted with their own personality. Not to mention, a new setting is a lot to take on for any living being. To avoid overwhelming him, the best thing to do is to show your furry friend both love and attention and give them space to figure things out on their own. Once they become more comfortable with their environment and new lifestyle, they will naturally come around more.

On average, your new addition will warm up to their newfound home in about two days or so, give or take. Just be patient and give an abundance of love, and soon enough, your puppy will be one of the most cherished members of your family.


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