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Grow Herbs, Fruits, Veggies & Flowers 365 Days a Year With The Click and Grow Smart Garden 3! @clickandgrow

It is no secret to anyone that knows me that I love to cook and I love to garden. I especially love gardening more than ever as I try growing my own product organically which is healthier for me, my family and the planet. The problem that I have is that I live in the NorthEast which means my growing season is short and which is the reason I am obsessed with Click and Grow and the Smart Garden 3. The Smart Garden 3 is the ultimate smart indoor garden that will allow you to grow fresh herbs, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, flowers and more….all year round. Not only is this smart garden amazing at growing fresh herbs, veggies and flowers but it is smart in that it does the watering and everything needed to grow healthy plants for you….which means anyone can do it.

Whether you are in a small city apartment with no access to the outdoors or a basement apartment with very little light…. Click and Grow has you covered. It is equally perfect for a well lit kitchen as well as it looks amazing on your counter and adds a bit of green to the space which I love. While you are cooking you can snip fresh herbs to add to your newest recipe…. or grow fresh lettuce and tomatoes to create the perfect salad for lunch. Plus, Click and Grow now offers the unit in 3 colors that are sure to fit any style.

I chose the White Unit as I love the look that it provides while growing my fresh herbs. Click and Grow has a huge selection of plant pods now so that the growing possibilities are endless. You can start a batch of Rosemary in the Click and Grow and then transfer the plants to an adorable pot to grow near a well lit window. Then you can begin your next set of pods…. maybe the cherry tomatoes? Hard to choose for sure…. and if you want you can have more than one unit or you can choose their larger unit…. the Smart Garden 9 which allows you to grow 9 plants simultaneously.  

Now let’s take a look at my Basil Plants growing in the new Click and Grow Smart Garden 3. The picture below shows the day I started the garden and then 3 weeks worth of growth. This is really lots of fun and educational too for the kiddos as they can watch and grow their own herbs and veggies. My god daughter Scarlet absolutely loves it.

So you may be wondering why is this a smart garden? What does that mean? Well it has to do first with the Smart Soil that comes in the plant capsules. Click and Grow’s Smart Soil does all the work for you and it is inspired by NASA technology. Smart Soil creates the perfect environment that plants need to thrive. It does this by releasing nutrients in sync with the plant’s lifecycle, keeps the soil pH balanced, and employs tiny oxygen pockets to guarantee that the plants get ample breathing room and nutrients…even when the soil is wet.

The other thing that makes the Smart Garden 3 the Ultimate Smart Garden is the watering system. It is perfectly calibrated with automated watering. You simply fill the water on the side of the unit and it will self water for weeks! Add to that the automatic light that comes on each day on its own to ensure the proper amount of light for optimal growth…adn it is the ultimate smart garden that every home needs and it is the absolute perfect gift this holiday season.

With Click & Grow indoor gardens you’ll get:

*Perfectly calibrated automated watering, light and nutrients.

*Homegrown, organic, pesticide free fresh food and flowers

*A Complimentary set of 3 Basil Plant Pods

*An App to make you a true plant expert

*More than 50+ different plant varieties to choose from OR you can just use your own seeds!

So what do you think of the Smart Garden 3 from Click and Grow? Are you like myself and looking to grow your own veggies and herbs all year round no matter the weather? Well this is the perfect gift for yourself OR for anyone on your gift giving list so check out Click and Grow today for yourself and see all that they have to offer and visit them on social media too!


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  • Amy D

    I was at my mother-in-law’s house for Thanksgiving and I saw that she got one of these, and I have been wanting to get one ever since. I love how it is a worry-free, organic way to growing herbs, which I use a lot in my cooking. I love that it actually waters itself. I love that there are 50 plants to choose from. I really want this!

  • Tonya Sinner

    I love this little planter for herbs! I recently started growing indoors over winter! We are trying tomatoes, peppers and spinach. Crossing my fingers that it works!

  • Zuleika Becerra

    This sounds amazing to have. My herbs outside sdo well enough, but the squirrels and critters are hard to beat to the punch when trying to harvest. This would change things dramatically!

  • Raina

    I love the idea of gardening all year long. I have never heard of this little planter before now. Will get one and give it a go, thanks for sharing.

  • Yeah Foodie

    I love Summer as my outdoor herb garden is my go to place to pick fresh herbs but come winter and I end up buying them from the supermarket. This is a great way to ensure I have fresh herbs all year round

  • Jay Aguirre

    Wow, what an amazing and innovative little product! It’s so cool how things like this exist now! Will have to look more into this one!

  • Chris L

    This would be great to have. I do not get good inside lighting so I really have trouble growing anything indoors.

  • Lauryn R

    This would be so handy to have, I love how easy it makes growing things indoors! I live in a place where it is really hard to grow things, the heat is brutal and the soil is no good. I really love freshly grown herbs and veggies though!

  • wen budro

    This looks like a wonderful and super useful product. I love that it makes growing easy especially with its watering system. I also love that it makes growing inside a small apartment easy and doable.