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Gifts for Men: 5 Inspirations From Around the World

Choosing a gift that stands out as a well-considered and thoughtful choice is hard at the best of times. When you really don’t know what the recipient wants or needs, it gets even harder. Here’s a simple solution: seek out gifts that represent some of the most iconic things from around the world. And, amazingly, it doesn’t have to be a super-expensive exercise. All you need are shopping smarts and a few pointers. Need some examples? Let’s get inspired with a globe-trotting gift shopping expedition!

1. Ireland

Many people around the world have Irish roots. Even if they don’t, Celtic motifs and classic items like real wool newsboy caps are among the Irish gifts for men that are sure to please. And in today’s world, you don’t even have to go to Ireland to get them. With an Irish theme, your birthday wishes are sorted too. Everyone wants the luck of the Irish! Looking for something he can use every day? How about an Irish pocket knife or an Irish penny pendant?

2. Africa

Whether it’s African roots or dreams of days spent on wildlife safari, Africa is a destination that sets the men apart from the boys. While gifting a safari holiday in Kenya or South Africa may be beyond your means, you can still give African-themed gifts to aspiring travelers or armchair enthusiasts. Beautiful African wildlife paintings or prints could be just the thing for his man cave, or you can go for traditional authenticity with hand-carved wood or stone sculptures from Africa. 

3. India

Indian culture intrigues, fascinates, and has spread around the globe. You don’t need Indian roots to appreciate iconic items from India, but do look for some connection to personalize the gift. If he’s starting on a new course in life, a Ganesh elephant-god figurine is thought to be a symbol of good luck and success. Meanwhile, lovers of spicy food may be thankful for a cookbook that demonstrates classic Indian recipes. Gems also have a deep symbolism in Indian culture, and India is a source of fabulous mens’ rings, each with their own special meaning. 

4. America

Let’s not forget America as a place one either calls home or longs to visit. Whether he’s a patriot or a fan, he’s sure to love American-themed gifts that feature the stars and stripes or the always-fashionable stetson. Gorgeous cowboy boots don’t come cheap, but they’re sure to put a swagger in his step! Alternatively, native American arts and crafts could be the inspiration you’re seeking. 

5. China

People around the world are fascinated by China and its history, and a great many men are fans of Chinese martial arts. While it’s definitely not something he’ll use every day, the man you’re shopping for might nonetheless be thrilled to own a hand-forged Chinese sword or dragon-themed men’s jewelry. As for Chinese-style coats and overcoats, they could be just the fashion statement for a man who enjoys statement styles that transcend mere fashion. 

Roots and Dreams

A gift with a country-based theme is a great choice for men who feel a special connection with another country. It’s also an attractive option if you’re from another country and want to share something that will always remind the person you’re gifting of you. And if you choose the best and most iconic items, your gifts are sure to be welcomed as something very special indeed. 

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