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6 Origami Tips To Help Kids

Enjoying origami can be enticing and rewarding for a kid. You will find this art just like magic as you fold and cut through beautifully colored sheets of paper and create wonderful objects. This engaging activity rejoices kids. Thus, it is a fun art to learn while playing around for a child. The best part is that if you follow these tips, you will not find it hard to teach a child about origami. All you will require are a few basic steps and you can create beautiful props and objects within minutes, which children will love to see.

• Choosing the level of difficulty

You should know that you are teaching this project to small kids, so the level of difficulty should be appropriate for them. You can choose objects or props that are not too hard to follow. Choose projects that the child can complete with up to 10 moves maximum. It will not only make it easier for him/her, but also make it enjoyable. As you progress, you can later increase the projects in difficulty where you will need 15-20 steps to complete.

• Learn the project in advance

You should not start such a project for the very first time in front of the child. You may think of it to be an easy task, but it is possible that you forgot a certain move. To avoid the hassle later, you can prepare yourself in advance by practicing the origami model in advance. Remember to do this or you may leave the kid bored and disappointed in the middle of this creative session. This may be even more embarrassing if you are choosing it as an activity for a kid’s birthday party. Speaking of parties, you can find a capable party registry platform at Our Wishing Well. And keep in mind that kids birthday parties are better left to presenters and you should definitely try out a science party! My kids would love this as they love all things science and it is fun for them.

• Do not worry about wrong moves

Do not worry if your kid is not perfect with the moves during this activity. In fact, it is quite normal to make errors during this beautiful art. Even adults can make mistakes with the moves in this activity, so let your child know that he/she should not be upset. To cope with this situation, just ensure that you have enough origami paper so that you and the child can practice making objects. If you run out of paper, then you can use other sheets, but you may have to cut them into square shapes initially.

• Try being creative

Some origami models are designed in a general. It does not mean that you are bound to follow the same steps for creating subjects. You can always experiment and use your creativity to make a better shape out of the paper. Thus, you can let the kid explore such moves as well. This activity will help increase the creativity in the child.

Origami has been there for ages, which is why this beautiful and traditional art is worth trying out for kids. With your guidance, you can teach the child to enjoy it and improve his/her imaginative power.


  • Lauryn R

    Great tips for teaching kids how to do origami! Of course, I would have to teach myself first because I have no idea how to do it either. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  • Linda Linneman

    This sounds like so much fun. Great for a rainy day to do with the grandchildren. Thank you so much for sharing

  • Tamra Phelps

    I can’t say I was very good at it, but I remember doing this as a kid. It was always a lot of fun.

  • Jennifer Hedden

    I have always wanted to learn origami. I think it is so neat. I never even thought about origami as an activity at a party, but that is an awesome idea! I will definitely have to do some origami with my nieces! I know they will enjoy it. Thank you for sharing!

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