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Treat Mom To Beautiful Flowers + A Vase That Makes Caring For Flowers A Breeze! @getflowerfix @amaranthvase

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, you may still be on the hunt for the perfect gift for mom which is why I am sharing FlowerFix by FiftyFlowers and the Amaranth Vase Co with you all. FlowerFix has the most amazingly beautiful bouquets of flowers that I have ever seen and the Amaranth Vase Co. provides the coolest of vases that makes caring for those flowers.. super easy and effective. I received a bouquet from Flower Fix and a vase from Amaranth Vases and that bouquet lasted for a full 2 weeks which blew me away! This has to do with the fact that FlowerFix by FiftyFlowers provides the freshest of beautiful bouquets AND Amaranth Vases makes caring for those flowers super easy! Continue reading to learn all about the Amaranth line of vases and how the only flowers I will ever order going forward for my mom and myself……. are from FlowerFix!


Flower Fix

FlowerFix by FlftyFlowers was started by Liza Roeser who is the CEO and founder of FiftyFlowers and she has over 20 years of experience in the flower industry. What she did was partner with farms in the US and all over the world, to bring fresh beautiful flowers, shipped directly to customer’s doorsteps. FlowerFix has multiple, personalized subscription offerings as well as the ability to order with no commitment. They have monthly wreath subscriptions, weekly bi-weekly and monthly floral subscriptions plus you can simply order a bouquet fro a one time shipment.

Flower Fix



FlowerFix allows customers to choose from a huge selection of beautiful, hand-crafted flower bouquets with up to three dozen stems of farm fresh hand picked flowers that are designed by Liza the #flowerCEO and also stunning warm and beautiful seasonal wreaths. Because FlowerFix by FiftyFlowers DIY collections are so popular, they have incorporated DIY flower kits into their subscription options as well. What I love about FlowerFix is that their stunningly beautiful bouquets are amazingly fresh and fragrant PLUS they are arrangements that are perfectly curated and that you will not find anywhere else.


FlowerFix is amazing and you can choose from their Bouquet lineup for a one time purchase or their Flower Subscription lineup….in which you can choose how often you want a regular delivery of flowers delivered to your front door. You can choose fro weekly, biweekly or monthly which is pretty cool but it does not stop there as you can also choose to shop from their Rose collection and/or their DIY Flower Classes which I find to be pretty cool. The end result… is that I now have a new flower company to purchase all of my floral bouquet needs from and for the price…. these flowers are a steal as you get three dozen flowers included in every bouquet which means it is full and stunningly beautiful to look at and admire. FlowerFix by FiftyFlower is my new go to and they are the perfect fit for Mom this Mother’s Day or anytime!

Amaranth Vase

Now when you get those beautiful flowers from FlowerFix you need the perfect vase to put them in and this is where Amaranth Vase Co. comes in. Seriously…. floral care has never been easier than with an Amaranth Vase. This vase is designed to care for your floral arrangements so that they last longer and it works perfectly! You simply twist the vase, drain out the water and then trim the stems of your flowers to help keep the fresh and vibrant and it truly works and extends the life of your floral arrangements!

Check out this You Tube Video which showcases how this vase works…..

This is genius right!? And let me stress that my FlowerFix bouquet lasted a full two weeks because the flowers were so fresh but also because this ingenious vase makes trimming the stems and changing the water a breeze! Seriously….. I am sending my mom an Amaranth Vase and a beautiful bouquet from FlowerFix as they will be the absolute perfect gift and I know she will love them and they will brighten her day!


The Amaranth Vase is available in several sizes and in a wide array of colors. I personally love the white one which is what I chose but they have lots of beautiful colors to choose from to suit your style and tastes.


So what do you think of FlowerFix and the Amaranth Vase Company? Do these two not make the ultimate combo as the FlowerFix flowers are stunningly beautiful and the Amaranth Vase helps to keep them fresh and beautiful longer! Check them out today and grab a vase and order a bouquet to try it out for yourself! I know you will be in love and blown away by both as they provide a beautiful bouquet to enjoy for weeks and the scent from the roses in my bouquet was stunning! I cannot remember the last time I got a more fragrant bouquet! That speaks volumes too! Check put The Amaranth Vase Co. and FlowerFix by FiftyFlowers Today!

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