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6 Savvy But Cute College Dorm Decor Ideas

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Moving to college is an exciting time but moving into your first home from home isn’t often cheap with some dorm room decoration ideas costing well into the thousands. Thankfully, there are a number of super savvy college seniors out there who have shared their tips for decorating their dorm rooms on a budget, so whether you’re off to the University of Southern California or are just interested in getting some decor ideas for your bedroom at home, here are 6 of our favorite savvy dorm room decoration ideas. 

Hang up some lights

What dorm room would be complete without some lights?

You can drape some string lights over your bed, across your drawers, down your curtains or hand them along the wall for a soft glow that will bring a cozy ambiance to even the coldest dorm room. What’s more, string lights are also a great way to brighten a dull room if you happen to have poor lighting or dark corners to your room. You can pick up string-lines from most homeware stores for well below $15 and to really snatch a bargain try buying them after the holidays when they’re on sale! 

You can also decorate your dorm room with a fun and stylish neon sign. They are easy to hang, and it will add an elevated sense of glamor and ambiance. From wall art to word art, a neon sign will make your room feel uniquely yours.  

Make use of printables on Pinterest

Looking for wall art, a cute journal or a wall planner? Then look no further than Pinterest’s printables where you’ll find hundreds of cute designs that you can simply print yourself saving you as a poor student a ton of money! For a little more luxury you can pick up a frame from the dollar store or a charity shop and in a few easy steps, you’ll have a professional-looking print ready to hang on your wall. With smaller, more minimalistic designs sometimes it’s best to display them on mass by creating a feature prints wall – hang prints of all shapes and sizes paying attention to the spacing between them for a beautiful visual effect that no one will guess you printed yourself. 

Bring the outside in with plants

Plants have a way to brighten any room and have also been proven to reduce stress and improve productivity in the workplace. House plants are fairly readily available and you can pick up some impressive varieties for under $20. If, however, you want to go one step further and really do some gardening on a budget then why not have a go at growing them yourself? Some flower and seed varieties grow very quickly while others grow far more slowly, so do some research and decide if you think it’s worth your time. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Succulents – Succulents make great dorm room companions as they need relatively little care and can survive a lot of abuse, just don’t overwater them! 

Cacti – Cacti are another low maintenance plant that comes in all manner of shapes and sizes. 

Herbs – Fast growing and practical herbs such as basil, cilantro, and parsley look great on the windowsill and don’t taste too bad either! 

Hang a tapestry

If you’re a fan of vibrant color and want a striking visual feature for your room without doing any damage to the walls then hand a tapestry. Tapestries can cover a whole wall very easily with virtually no effort required and because they’re also easy to store you can change them up regularly too, depending on what kind of vibe you’re feeling. Don’t feel like tapestries are restricted to hippie mandalas, you can now buy tapestries in all manner of designs from those showing animals, to those with nature scenes and even those with motivational quotes. 

Play with washi tape

Washi tape is an easy and affordable way to decorate virtually anything, from walls to drawers, shelves to picture frames. Simply find a design you like and tape away! What’s more, washi tape is also a damage-free decoration idea so you won’t be breaking any regulations and it can easily be peeled off when you move on. Something’s in your dorm room you may wish to try washi tape on include:

a)Your picture frames

b)Your shelf edges

c)Your drawers

d)Your bedhead 

e)Your walls (yes with a little patience washi tape can look like wallpaper!)

f)Your desk

Create a DIY jewelry display 

Jewelry is beautiful and so when hung on a DIY jewelry display it’s not only keeping your room organized but making it look good too. You can make jewelry organizers out of a number of materials but our favorite, and one of the cheapest, is to use a tree branch, suspending it from string and then hanging your jewelry from its nobbly branches. 

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