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6 Holidays to Put on Your Bucket List

Photo by Deanna Ritchie on Unsplash

Come on! You know you need a break! And if you don’t need it now, you will soon. You need to start planning that ideal getaway for 2020, so you have your well-deserved holiday, prevent burnout and enjoy some adventure in your life.

But where to go? 

Truthfully, that’s where many people get stuck. Because where is the BEST place to spend your meticulously saved holiday cash? 

We’ll make it easy for you. Based on what ordinary consumers say, here are some holiday options you’ll never regret. We’ve got something for all types of travelers. 

1.    For the Art and History Buffs

Perhaps you have a preference of which group of people’s pasts you want to research during your holiday, but we suggest all history buffs go to Italy. Surely there’s nothing better than viewing the Sistine Chapel’s art? And the Colosseum is a must-see. 

Bonus: Italy will offer you amazing cuisine in the form of pasta and pizza, so your holiday will be a treat for all the senses. 

2.    Up for a Hike in Peru?

For some, the ideal vacation is to get away from the bustle of the big cities and get some fresh air. If this is you, we suggest you head to Peru’s Machu Picchu. This Inca ruin is a favourite for many travelers, no matter your preferred travel style. You can hike one of various trails and some provide luxury accommodation along the route. 

3.    Once-in-a-Lifetime Views with the Northern Lights

Granted, you’re taking a chance when you decide to chase the northern lights during your holiday, because they may not be visible when you’re there. But staying up late and seeing this beautiful sight is worth the time & effort!

You can see them from various locations. Norway is the most famous, but also look for opportunities in Sweden, Canada or Finland. 

4.    Going by Rail 

Leave cars & planes behind and try an original transport method: get on a train. In Asia you can travel between Russia and China on a train, traveling for over 7 000km while crossing Siberia. It’s a journey of several days and your holiday will be enriched by many factors:

*Unique blend of passengers 

*Cuisine on the train

*Views from the windows that include everything from camels to grasslands, lakes and gorgeous birch trees 

5.    Everyone Needs an Island Vacation, Right?

It’s the type of vacation you see in movies, but why haven’t you tried it for yourself? A luxury island vacation!

It’s probably much more affordable than you think, especially because most of the attractions come free of charge, or at very low rates:

*Swimming in crystal clear waters

*Viewing a sunset from the beach

*Taking a walk and enjoying nature or local culture

*Getting a tan in the warm sun

*Hiring scuba gear to view exotic fish species

*Meeting people who are all in a relaxed mood

*Enjoying local cuisine instead of eating in fancy restaurants with high rates

Island destinations often have all-inclusive packages that make it even more affordable. And you also save on expenses such as clothing. All you need is your swimming gear, towel and comfortable clothes. No need for additional shopping. 

Because an island has the opposite vibe than a large city, it’s sure to be the place where you’ll truly relax. That adds to its value as a bucket list destination. Make sure you really rest this year by getting away from what stresses you out.

6.    Get Ready for a Road Trip

For some people, the ideal way to clear their heads is to get in the car and simply drive. For that kind of holiday, do yourself a favour and head to America. You can travel east to west from Illinois to California if you have enough time—a few weeks will be ideal—or simply pick a shorter stretch along the coast.

Route 66 is a famous option, although only a few original sections of this road are still in a good condition to drive on. Rather take the interstate highway. 

Final Thoughts 

The world offers something for everyone and don’t be daunted by your limited budget. If you pick a road trip or an island breakaway, you’ll be surprised at the many interesting options close to home. Simply start researching! And if you find something noteworthy, please share with us below.  


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