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4 IT Services that Can Simplify Running Your Small Business

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While we’re all fascinated by new technology seeing the light, does it sometimes feel as if life is getting too complicated? You’re not the only one that thinks so. And if tech isn’t applied appropriately, it can easily waste more time than it saves. And if you’re using tech for business, lost time means lost income.

So, how do you get ahead in the business environment in Perth? The city dominates Western Australia’s economic environment, but as a small business you’re contending against over 220,000 other small enterprises in WA for consumers’ money. 

We list four of the handiest tips you need this year to stay ahead of the pack in 2020.

Data Management: Where and How do You Keep Your Data?

If you didn’t realise it yet, your company’s data is a valuable asset you need to take care of. So, first of all, make sure you’re keeping it secure. Did you make the transition to a digital, paperless system? If not, your files are at risk of being destroyed by fire, water or theft. 

Even after going digital, review how that data is being managed. Outsourcing this to a company providing managed IT services is often the best option. They can take the responsibility to keep the data safe on their servers or in the cloud. You’ll have a backup if anything should happen to your computers or servers on site. 

It’s not only about storing information, but using it effectively. Having 24/7 access to updated information will help your team get more work done than before. So, cloud services are also the way to go if you want to streamline your employees’ workflow. 

Here’s an example: why force them to come to the office to obtain information if they can access it wherever they are? Your sales team can engage with clients with the latest information at their fingertips, without wasting time phoning the office.

AI: What Tasks can AI Do for You?

AI is all the rage and don’t think it’s only meant for large enterprises. Obtain the right IT services and AI can help many of your departments function better than ever before:

*Helping HR determine the best type of personality that should join your team next

*Analyzing sales data much faster than humans can, to provide insight for marketing campaigns

*Answering consumer questions via chatbots after hours, so you don’t have to employ staff for that task

*Performing boring, repetitive tasks in your admin office, so your employees can focus on more creative tasks

Security: Don’t Let Hackers Hamper Business

You don’t want to fall victim to online hackers, so you need to be proactive in creating a safe environment to operate your business in:

*It goes without saying that you need the latest malware and virus protection on all devices.

*Your employees must be educated in helping to prevent cyber hacking, such as not opening emails when they don’t know who the sender is. 

*How will you manage employees using their own devices on your office network?

*When someone leaves your company, what is your offboarding process? Make sure a disgruntled employee doesn’t still have access to an email account or company files with which he or she can create havoc.

Having technology help you perform work is ideal, but prepare well for what could go wrong. Prevention is better than cure. 

Communication: Can You Improve Interaction?

It’s common knowledge that effective communication forms an integral part of a successful business. If you want to beat the opposition, you need to empower your team members to interact faster than others in your industry. That means using state of the art communication methods, such as:

*Sharing documents online in a secure manner

*Messaging via apps on mobile devices

*Interacting in virtual environments instead of waiting to get together in a meeting at the office

*Effective email correspondence

Is it secure from hackers? Will it work no matter where your team members are? Your IT service provider must help create an effective solution with minimal frustrations, otherwise employees will revert to old habits such as time consuming meetings. 


You can see how technology such as cloud storage and AI can help you optimise productivity in 2020. But always make sure technology in your business works FOR and not against you. With quality managed IT services Perth small business leaders can make the impact they’ve been dreaming of. Will you be one of them?

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