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5 Ways to Try Plant Based Chicken

Plant based chicken is one of the newest, amazingly convincing plant-based meats that have been impressing meat lovers all over the world as of late. Even die-hard meat enthusiasts will have difficulty discerning these meticulously designed products from the real thing. Here are a few creative ways to enjoy the new generation of plant-based chicken, using some of the most popular comfort food dishes out there to bridge the gap from meat-centric diets to healthier, meatless diets. While these ideas might not be what a health-conscious person should eat every day to maintain their ideal diet, they may stop you from over-doing splurge days when you are trying to go meatless.

Ultimate Chickenless Sandwich

The new generation of plant-based chicken patties is unprecedented, making the vegan chicken sandwich an amazing eating experience. Use them for your favorite sandwich, and don’t be afraid to experiment. They are perfect as a meatless version of your favorite breaded, fried chicken filet sandwich – combined with the traditional bun topped with lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise. Get crafty and add avocado to increase both nutrition and flavor. Whip up a chipotle aioli to add delicious heat to the mix. 

Meatless, Boneless “Wings”

Lots of Americans crave buffalo wings. The variety of wing flavors out there is limitless, and luckily – meatless chicken nuggets make a great, healthier substitute for a junk food favorite. After preparing your nuggets, dredge or dip them in your favorite sauces. Classic hot wing sauce, barbecue sauce, and garlic-parmesan butter are some traditional favorites. If you have an adventurous palate, try some more exotic combinations.

When nuggets are dredged in a spicy curry based sauce, they are perfect to dip into a cooling sauce with a yogurt base, or even savory-sweet Thai style peanut sauce. The only limitations are in your imagination, so try any crazy flavor combinations that you dream up.

Buffalo Chickenless Salad

The great contrasts of flavors and textures that arise when a well made buffalo chicken salad are something to write home about. Make your next buffalo chicken salad more health-friendly by omitting the breaded, fried (or grilled) chicken breast pieces with a plant-based chickenless breaded filet. After preparing the filet, just slice it into bite-sized strips, and dredge it in your favorite hot wing sauce.

Top a cool, crunchy bowl of greens, tomato, onion and any other fresh vegetable that strikes your fancy. If you eat dairy, ranch vs blue cheese, this combination pairs perfectly with buttermilk ranch dressing and zesty blue cheese crumbles. Candied pecans are a great topping to add to the mix, but don’t limit yourself: any of your favorite seeds or nuts is a great addition to this kind of dinner salad. Don’t be shy: dress your faux fried chicken salad with any number of toppings or combinations, without ever having to sacrifice good nutrition. 

Fettuccine Alfredo without Chicken

Have you ever known anyone who could eat fettuccine alfredo at dinner every night? Those people are out there, and their devotion to the dish is testimony to its large number of devotees. If you are trying to cut meat out of the picture, experiment by adding prepared and sliced meatless chicken to your favorite noodle dish. Even kids will not know they aren’t eating any meat.

Fried Chickenless Patties with Waffles

Got a hankering for soul food? There’s no reason to give up all of the comfort food you’ve craved since childhood. This dish, among many other classic home-cooked meals, can be resurrected as meatless, for those times when you need to connect with the foods that call out to your very soul. Sandwich a meatless, breaded chicken filet between two whole-grain waffles, and serve with warmed organic maple syrup to dip. Satisfy your cravings without throwing nutrition goals out the window.

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