Savvy Gift Ideas

Spoil Mom This Year With Gifts That She Will Cherish

Gifts For Mom ~ Gold Earrings from Au-Rate

Are you still on the hunt for that perfect gift for Mom? With Mother’s Day around the corner I wanted to share some fabulous gift ideas with you all that any Mom will surely love. From ‘girly girl’ items that will make Mom feel extra special and glamorous to savvy sustainable items that Mom can feel good about using, we have you covered with this savvy list of gift ideas. Let’s take a look at some of my favorite items to gift that special lady in your life or to gift yourself!

Gold Jewelry

AuRate Gold Earrings

Why not gift Mom with a beautiful pair of gold earrings from AU-Rate. I am a huge fan of this fabulous jewelry brand as they create all kinds of fine jewelry sustainably. They have a huge array of pieces to choose from… think gold earrings, gold necklaces, gold bracelets, gold anklets and pieces with gemstones and diamonds too. The best part and the reason AU-Rate is my go to for all of my jewelry needs is that they make all of their pieces with 100% recycled gold. This means that there is no mining going on to create these pieces but you can rest assured they do this without losing quality in terms of the recycled gold or harming the environment in the process. Each and every piece that they make with gemstones and diamonds are also sustainably sourced as each piece is carefully chosen and tracked, strictly adhering to the Kimberly Process which is a process in which they require documentation to ensure that their diamonds and gemstones are not from conflict regions around the globe and there are no human right violations behind the scenes. This means that their mines are run under ethical and safe working conditions with fair wages and the utmost respect for the local indigenous communities. AU-Rate makes jewelry pieces that are savvy and sustainable and Mom will surely cherish any piece that you gift them.


Gifts For Mom

Moms always love fresh flowers to add that perfect pop of color to any room, so why not send mom a beautiful bouquet of flowers from FlowerFix? They are my new go to as FlowerFix delivers bouquets of flowers to your doorstep and the best part is that they are amazingly beautiful and super fresh which means moms can enjoy them for weeks with proper care. I received a bouquet from this brand and I changed the water in my vase every few days which is why they lasted for about 2 weeks which is a long time as compared to other flower arrangements I have received in the past. FlowerFix flowers are so fresh that they will continue opening up and blooming the entire time that you them on display plus the flowers in their bouquets actually smell! I cannot tell you how many bouquets I have received in the past and the flowers had no scent….not the case with FlowerFix bouquets as the scent coming off of the bouquet was beautiful and any mom will love it.

A New Handbag

Moms love new handbags and I know this is my weakness as I love to collect them. You can find the perfect stylish handbag that mom will cherish from Tory Burch. You can discover the new collections available at Tory Burch and they do carry the most beautiful of handbags that any special lady will cherish as well as the clothing and shoes to complete the look.

Pop-Up Cards

Gifts for Mom ~ Lovepop Pop Up Cards

I stumbled upon a brand of Pop-Up Cards from Lovepop and these cards are fabulous! They are a gift in themselves as mom can keep them out to look out for as long as she chooses. Their cards transform into a beautiful piece that mom can cherish for years to come with proper care. I would keep this piece out on display as it is so pretty! They have some beautiful cards that transform into bouquets and they are just as pretty as flowers but last so much longer!

Eco-Friendly Shopping Bag Sets

BRINGiT Reusable Shopping Bags -  Gifts For Mom

If your mom is into sustainability, then picking up a BRINGiT iTKit Shopping System is a must have gift for her. I love this brand because they make reusable shopping bags super stylish so that you actually want to use them. The iTKit is a reusable shopping bag set that includes all the bags Mom will need for an organized and plastic-free trip to the market. The pieces have wide straps that ensure a comfortable carrying experience plus pockets for storage and the best part is that this iTKit will prevent the use of 3,500 single use plastic bags! The set includes one iTTote, one iTBag Shopper, two Mesh Produce Bags, two Large Produce Bags, and two Small Produce Bags and all are plastic free and machine washable.

100% Organic Hemp Sheets

Gifts For Mom ~ Delilh Home 100% Organic Hemp Bed Sheets

Why not gift Mom with the most amazing set of sheets ever with a set of 100% Organic Hemp Bed Sheets from Delilah Home!? Especially if she is all about sustainable living as these sheets are made sustainably and with Organic Hemp that is amazing to sleep on. Delilah Home’s Organic Hemp Bed Sheets feel soft and luxurious as compared to traditional non-organic hemp sheets and the best part for me is that they are proven to last longer than traditional non-organic hemp sheets due to the fact that organic cotton and organic hemp have stronger fibers than the non-organic variety. Mom will for sure be blown away to receive these sheets for Mother’s Day and she will enjoy the most amazing nights sleep ever!

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