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The Best Hidden Gems in Brooklyn

When it comes to Brooklyn, everyone knows about the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, but that’s not where the excitement stops. There are so many different things to do, if only you know where to look! Sure, Google can help you find a lot of things, (for example, if you needed to find a Brooklyn personal injury lawyer), but these are some tried-and-tested hidden gems that you must visit. 

Beautiful beaches

As an urban jungle, it’s easy to forget that Brooklyn actually has a number of great beaches, which are likely to be less busy than Coney Island. Check out Plumb Beach, or Marine Park if you want something less popular for a relaxing day, or Brighton Beach and Manhattan Beach have a bit more atmosphere as they are right by the amusements at Coney Island. 

City Reliquary

Based in Williamsburg, the City Reliquary is a small but very cool museum, celebrating the local neighborhoods of all five boroughs. A lot less polished than some of the other museums in NYC, but that’s what makes it so great – a quirky collection including vintage subway tokens, posters, and even samples of dirt. 

Green-wood Cemetery

It’s a strange way to while away the hours, but if you’re a bit of a history buff, the Green-wood cemetery is a must-see. Across the 478 acres, you’ll spot the graves of people such as Leneord Bernstein, Michel Basquiat, Charles Ebbets, and a whole host of Civil War heroes. Keep your eyes peeled throughout the year for various events, tours, and shows. 

Flea Markets

Brooklyn is the epitome of hipster culture, and so a visit to the area would not be complete without exploring a flea market! Expect to see quirky homemade jewelry, one of a kind works of art, and more vintage clothing than you could shake an artisanal stick at! Even if you do not intend to make a purchase, just browsing the wares is an adventure in itself. 

The Sunshine Laundromat

This certainly is a hidden gem, in that you actually have to go through some laundromat doors in order to get to the most amazing pinball haven. So stick your laundry in at the front (yes, it’s a fully-functioning laundromat!), and then head through to the secret pinball area in the back and enjoy a few beers while your washing gets clean. Doing errands has never been so fun! 

Robotic Church

Looking like something out of a sci-fi movie, this former Norweigian Seaman’s Church has since been taken over by an incredible collection of kinetic robots, which together, form a metallic orchestra. Each bot, ranging in size from 1 foot to a colossal 15 foot, has its own movement, which creates a sound, and together they create a symphony. 

That’s not to mention the quirky bars and eateries, serving weird and wonderful cakes, bakes, and milkshakes. The gentrification of the Brooklyn area means that new and exciting places are popping up constantly, and whatever you’re into, you’re bound to find somewhere that is perfect for you.

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