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5 Storage Tips for Coffee Beans to Last Longer      

The first sip of your favorite morning joe can instantly fill you with energy. As much as you love to drink your favorite coffee now and then, improper storage of whole coffee beans may alter its original taste and aroma. You might also face some black coffee side effects if you drink coffee that isn’t properly stored. To save you from all that, here are five storage tips to keep your coffee beans fresh for longer. 

1) Do Not Store the Beans in a Glass Jar 

As much as you want to store the coffee beans in transparent glass canisters or mason jars, it may not be a wise decision. It would be best if you never let the light inside the container unless you want stale coffee. Best to use a semi-transparent glass or an opaque container so the light won’t get in and spoil the coffee. 

There is also a possibility of accidentally breaking the jar as you open and use it more often. You don’t have to buy a new jar every month just because you have butterfingers. 

2) Store in a Cool, Dry Place 

Every original coffee container always states at the back that you need to store it in a cool, dry place. Unfortunately, many people ignore this and keep their coffee wherever they can. Placing the coffee beans in a cool, dry place ensures that they stay away from moisture and heat.  

Exposure to heat and moisture can instantly destroy the distinct properties of the beans. If you don’t want your specialty coffee to go bad, you better store it somewhere dry and cold where it won’t come in contact with moisture and sun. That way, you can easily avoid the black coffee side effects that come with bad coffee. 

3) Buy in Smaller Quantities 

As much as you want to avoid frequent trips to the supermarket, these trips can ensure you get the best coffee every time. When you buy larger quantities of coffee, there is more chance of getting it spoiled soon.  

Stocking up the coffee beans for a long time can lose its taste over time. If you plan to purchase a stock worth a year, you might need to hold your horses. Instead, you can get coffee that can easily last for 2–3 weeks, so you can get the same taste as when you bought it. 

4) Do Not Expose it to Sunlight 

Placing the coffee container near a window with direct sunlight can increase the coffee beans’ exposure to light, heat, and moisture. Prolonged exposure to these natural elements can change the coffee’s original taste and texture. 

5) Use Non-Reactive Containers 

Using a non-reactive container ensures that the material of the container does not affect the quality of the coffee. While many people prefer to store their coffee in the original packaging designed for optimal storage, some use their own containers.  

If you are the latter, you better consider storing the coffee beans in non-reactive materials such as ceramic canisters or non-reactive metals like aluminum and stainless steel. That way, you reduce the chances of spoiling it and experiencing the black coffee side effects.   

All these may seem like a lot of work just for a perfect cup of coffee, but it will be worth it for a true coffee enthusiast. 

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  • Lauryn R

    This is a very helpful and informative post about storing coffee, thank you so much for sharing! We usually keep ours in a cabinet about our coffee makers, in a glass jar though. It seems to stay pretty fresh however, we never buy in bulk.