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5 Red Hot Footwear Trends to Watch in 2018

Now that we’ve put 2017 behind us, we can finally look forward to a fresh start, especially regarding our shoes. Not that there’s a problem with the ones you already have. In fact, some will remain fashionable for quite a while.

Unfortunately, deep down, you know most won’t. And love them as you may, you’ll have to replace them soon. But replace them with what? Let’s look at the hottest footwear trends to watch in 2018.

1. Cowboy Boots

Perfect for any weather – be it the January freeze or the July heat, the cowboy boots you bought last year should last you throughout 2018. And because they are generally durable, if you don’t wear them too hard, they may last you maybe even beyond that.

Should that be an excuse for you not to kick-start 2018 with a new pair? Absolutely not! Since cowboy boots will always be in vogue, some new additions to your closet won’t hurt one bit. However, don’t buy what you already have. Instead, try something exotic for a change, such as red snake print boots.

2. Plaid, Tartan, or Check Pattern Boots

Let’s stay on the usual for a while longer. What first comes to your mind when you think of textile patterns, such as plaids, tartans, and checks? You most likely think of the horizontal and vertical brands commonly found on Scottish kilts, different clothing, and home décor.

But when you think of textile patterns in 2018, remember to include your shoes and maybe – just maybe – your socks. Believe it or not, lively plaid, tartan, and checkerboard footwear will rule this year, especially in spring.

And where do the patterned socks fit in all this, you ask? If you start on patterns, then, go all the way. Simply pair checkered ankle socks with your patterned pumps to make a real statement.

3. Transparent Rain Boots

Since we’re on boots, we might as well look at a one of the hottest, if not the oddest new footwear trends – transparent, water-resistant boots. When they first made their debut on the runway, skeptics considered clear, PVC-wrapped boots and pumps a fad and, worse, a joke.

Guess who the joke is on now… You guessed it: the skeptics. Against their criticism and expectations, this new trend proved itself more than a fad. Today, even celebrities wear these unusual boots to prestigious events. And come April when it rains, these skeptics will probably run to buy a pair. Don’t be left behind.

You could go for a more discreet and understated look or go crazy and go for completely clear knee-high boots; the choice is up to you. Furthermore, transparent rain boots have the benefit of often being cheaper than other options, making them the perfect choice for the thrifty fashionista. Many brands have introduced their spin on the trend and we should see more of them in 2018.

4. Floral Patterns

If you consider having horizontal and vertical bands in your shoes too quirky, then why not try something just as eccentric but softer – floral patterns. Yes, like the bands, florals have roared back in 2018, just in time for spring when flowers bud. Imagine, what better way is there to walk through a field full of spring flowers than with flowers printed on your shoes?

5. Denim Shoes

Casual, conservative types may not appreciate dazzling cowboy boots, quirky PVC shoes, bold plaid patterns, or flowery florals. To them, only something conservative yet casual will do – something like the denim they so love.

Denim is conservative because it takes you back to the 90’s, and it’s casual because, well, what’s more casual than denim. If this describes you, you only wish someone could make shoes in denim. Someone does. And casual or not, conservative or not, denim shoes still rock in 2018, especially if the denim is dark and raw.

Years of lighter washes left many fashionistas denim-fatigued, so classic darker shades are, indeed, a welcome relief. But here’s a cautionary word, though. Denim or denim-accented shoes don’t go well with denim clothes. The never have and never will – remember the denim fatigue we’ve just talked about? So, instead pair them with regular attire for a timeless look.


These are the hottest five shoe trends to watch in 2018. Whether it’s sexy and versatile cowboy boots, transparent PVC boots or plaid, tartan, or check pattern boots, you’ll be sure to find one that will fit your wardrobe and personality.


  • Ashley Chassereau Parks

    I love shoes so much!! These are all so cute! I really love the plaid boots and the flower printed shoes! So cute and stylish.

  • Debbie P

    I unfortunately am not one of those people who can wear whatever new trend is. Especially when is comes to shoes,clothes and makeup. But a couple of these trendy shoe styles I think I could pull off.

  • Linda Manns Linneman

    I really appreciate you sharing these trends. I have a hard time keeping up with them. These are cute ideas

  • Melissa Storms

    I am on board with the plaid and tartan boots and floral sneakers or floral prints on any shoe or boot. I have a pair of Bogs with a floral design on them, they are the best and make me smile even during the muckiest of jobs.

  • DB

    The plaid boots are great! That’s definitely a trend I would like to try. I like the floral printed shoes as well.

  • Angela F Thomas

    I love the plaid rain boots, so cute, functional, and in style! My teenage daughter has to walk to school, and some days has issues with mud and wet grass, so I need to get her a pair of these!

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