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7 Key Benefits of Professional Dog Grooming

You love that fur baby and want them to look, feel, and even smell their best. While you know dog grooming is vital to their overall care, you’ve always tried to do it yourself. You can think of becoming a dog groomer. You know that, right?

But this is a messy and time-consuming process when done correctly. You should consider using professional groomers. In addition to bathing, they perform other necessary steps to ensure your dog’s skin, teeth, and nails are cared for and maintained properly.

Read on for seven key benefits of professional dog grooming.

1. They Know How to Handle Dogs

Your sweet and compliant puppy may quickly become anxious or even aggressive when it comes time for grooming.

The groomer prepares for this and is experienced in how to safely and calmly handle your dog. They understand the temperament of different breeds and the best way to make this a comfortable situation for all involved.

2. Professional Dog Grooming: They Have the Right Equipment

Just sitting a dog in a bathtub using dog shampoo doesn’t always achieve the best results even when you are trying your best.

A trained groomer has all the necessary tools and equipment to provide your dog with the best attention. They have adjustable tables, precision clippers, and even specialized treatments for fleas, ticks, or other conditions they find.

3. They Fit Your Busy Schedule

Everyone is so busy these days and it’s hard to fit everything in. Choosing to have your dog professionally groomed knocks one thing off your to-do list.

Not only do groomers have schedules that work around yours, but there are also even many today that have mobile units and will come to where you are!

4. They Don’t Shy Away From the Messy Stuff

A professional understands all the dog grooming steps and doesn’t leave anything out, not even the unpleasant tasks. 

Matted hair  is extremely tedious to deal with. This is especially true when it is located around their anal region.

Let the groomer handle the messy stuff and not only will it save you time, but you can also rest assured it will be done right the first time.

5. They Can Detect Skin Issues

If you use the same groomer they will quickly become familiar with your dog.

They will spot changes in their skin, mouth, or a new outbreak of fleas and treat them right away. 

6. They Keep Nails Trimmed Correctly

Many people are unaware when nails are allowed to grow too long it will hurt their dog.

It becomes painful to walk and could affect their posture. It will cause malformations of the bone and increase the risk or arthritis.

7. They Work to Reduce Ear Infections

Along with other dog grooming benefits, removing ear buildup ranks up there.

Ear infections are a leading cause of deafness in dogs. Your experienced groomer will check their ears regularly and work to reduce these infections.

Your Fur Babies Deserve the Best

You work hard to make sure your dog receives the best of everything. Professional dog grooming should absolutely be on that list. The benefits are worth the investment.

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