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5 of the Best Small Pets for Your Child

Do you want to get your child a pet but you’re worried about placing the responsibility of a dog on them? Try out one of these best small pets for children.

Children love animals. Buying your child a pet will bring them joy, teach them responsibility, and encourage empathy.

However, you may worry about them taking care of a large animal. Small kids should start out with little pets.

Keep reading to learn about the 5 best small pets for kids.

1. Sugar Glider

This adorable marsupial only grows to between 5 and 6 inches on average. If you purchase a young sugar glider, then they will form a loving bond with your child.

They can actually grow up with them. You can expect this pet to live about 12 to 15 years.

These critters tend to carry fun, inquisitive, and friendly temperament. As social creatures, they will enjoy the attention and active play with a child.

Kids can feed can actually eat healthy snacks with their fur friend, as these critters love chopped up fruit. They eat very little, only about 20% of their body weight, so they do not cost much to keep after the cost of buying them and their large cage.

2. Rats 

These critters get a bad rap. But, rats actually make fun pets for little ones.

Children can train these super-smart animals to do tricks and use a litter box. They will enjoy toys as much as your little one.

Plus, they are one of the best small pets for cuddling! You can let your child experiment caretaking for only $5-$10 a month, but these pets only live about a year, unfortunately.

3. Guinea Pig

If you cannot fathom the idea of keeping a rat in your home, opt for this fuzzier rodent. The guinea pig falls into the category for small pets that are easy to take care of.

While gerbils and hamsters tend to scurry away, these cutie pies tend to cuddle more. They are not super fragile and can take then handling of a younger child.

Guinea pigs are herbivores. So, your child can feed them fruits, veggies, and alfalfa.

4. Hedgehog 

If you want to expose your child to a more unusual lifeform, go for a hedgehog. These adorable little critters typically possess a friendly demeanor. 

Do not let their spikes scare you. They actually feel soft, except when frightened. But even then, they will not cause serious injury.

Your child will love feeding these snorty little critters. They eat fruits, insects, worms, and even some scrambled eggs.

5. Bearded Dragons 

These super chill creatures make awesome pets for kids. They do not bite or scare easily.

Most beardies will hang out while you hold them. Kids love to feed them veggies and watch them stalk crickets around their cage.

You may want to wait until your child reaches elementary school though. Younger kids can play with bearded dragons, but their heat lamp can pose a burn risk to curious little ones.

Make Friends With One of the Best Small Pets

Kids love animals and benefit from learning to care for them. When considering the best small pets, think about the time and space you have to give them.

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  • Sue E

    My kids and my grandkids had a small zoo while growing up. We had an extra grocery bill for their furry friends. Keeping and taking care of them were not always easy. You certainly are right about some of the furry pets always scurrying and running away. We had a plastic running ball for the small pets. Our dogs and cats wanted to have a snack. Every time one of our pets died, there was a funeral. I wanted the kids to know that all life is precious!

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