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5 Next-Level Furniture Pieces for Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is one of the most important spaces in your home. Naturally, it is the place you will spend at least a third of your day there, since it is where you sleep. But this is far from the only use for a bedroom – for many of us, they are important areas for destressing and relaxing. And today, more people than ever are converting them into make-shift offices, as well. It is thus crucial that your bedroom is a place you feel comfortable being. From a design perspective, furniture is thus one of the most substantial factors for how your space looks. Here are some cool furniture ideas to get your creative juices flowing. 

King Bed

Given that the bed is the place you will be spending most of your time in while in your bedroom, it is the most important piece of furniture you’ll choose for your bedroom. Since it takes up the most space, it is also probably the piece you should choose first. Subsequent pieces of furniture can then be chosen on the basis of whether they complement the bed or not. You can find modern bedside tables for sale that will be the perfect tables to add to the space as well.

As far as luxury furniture for your bedroom goes, the king bed is as good as it gets. New king beds offer the height of space and comfort, and as such are a great addition to any bedroom area. If including one means you’ll be a bit tight on space, you can even invest in one with built-in storage solutions within their bases. Frames using lighter shades of wood will also give your room an airy, modern feel. If you and your partner sleep differently, you can even invest in king beds made up of two different mattresses, such as this split king mattress here

Maintaining adequate floorspace is important to the overall feel of your bedroom from an interior design perspective, however. It may therefore be the case that for space reasons you require  something with a slightly smaller frame than the full king. Regardless of the size, it is always a good idea to invest in a comfortable bed which complements your sleep style. 

Hanging Pendant Lights

Light fittings are a necessity for any bedroom, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also get creative with them. Traditional fixtures such as lamps can be adequate but also can be space inefficient. They also can be ineffective in terms of lighting the room as a whole. A particularly elegant solution for this is the installation of hanging pendant lights to the ceiling of your room. These lights offer effective lighting while also being available in a wide range of quirky and eye-catching style.  These experienced a bit of a dip in popularity while LED lightbulbs first gained popularity, because initially they didn’t produce as much light as traditional fluorescent light bulbs. However, the improvement of LED light bulb design has meant that pendant lights are now as popular as ever. If you really want to get creative, you can even include tinted lights to give your space a particularly unique look. 

Extendable Desk 

The recent coronavirus pandemic has led to a large proportion of us transforming our bedrooms into temporary, or even permanent, workspaces. Consequently, sales of desks, as well as home-office equipment in general, have soared during the lockdown. However, for many of us, space in our bedrooms was already at a premium prior to this. Luckily, designers are aware that this is a common problem, and have consequently designed desks with space-saving solutions incorporated into them. A desk with an extendable work surface can thus be an excellent addition to any bedroom where space is more limited. 

Floating Shelves

In terms of home storage solutions, floating shelves are considered one of the best choices among interior designers. Not only do they look incredibly chic, but they also take up none of your floor space and allow for natural light to shine through into your bedroom. People may balk at floating shelves because traditionally they require some tricky DIY involved to correctly install them. Fortunately, though, their growing popularity has led to many manufacturers producing shelves which can be mounted without additional work. 

Ergonomic Chair

If you do frequently use your bedroom for work or study, you will know how quickly sitting somewhere without proper support can start straining on your back. Traditional bedroom furniture is more focused with comfort and style over support. If you are thus using your room as a home office, you should seriously consider purchasing a dedicated office chair. This is because the ergonomic design is used to support your spine. 


  • Lauryn R

    I love my King size bed, it is heavenly and so worth the space it takes up! I agree with all of this, your bedroom should be the most relaxing and comfortable place in your home.

  • megan allen

    I have been wanting to try out the floating shelves! And I would go crazy over the light! Thanks for sharing!

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