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Transform Your Spare Bedroom Into A Home Office

Are you like me and bored and ready for some normalcy after all of the covid-19 craziness? I am so ready but have been making the most of my time regardless. My husband has been home from work due to coronavirus but he has been staying super busy around the house because he cannot stand to not be doing something. He has transformed our backyard this year into a little garden wonderland and also snagged a portable pool to add to the back yard so that we did not feel the need to go to the beach as often.  We are trying to avoid crowds as our parents live with us and we do not want to risk bringing anything home to them and honestly… we should have gotten a pool sooner as it is loads of fun for the whole family. 

In addition to the pool and backyard redo…….my husband has also transformed our spare bedroom into a gorgeous home office for me to work in and it has helped to lift my spirits and inspire me to get to work during all the crazy. I am seriously loving it and it provided the perfect pick me up that I needed as being home all of the time and not being able to do the things that I would normally be doing can be tough and draining on your emotionally. 

It was a super easy process as the room was empty and basically a clean slate. I personally did not need anything dramatic done to the room in terms fo replacing windows or doors, but if I had been in need I would check out https://www.threecountiesltd.co.uk. They have everything that you can need to transform your home into the home of your dreams. They install quality energy rated, high security, uPVC double glazed windows, durable & stylish uPVC & arrow composite doors and even conservatories and Sash windows which look extra amazing. 

I basically picked a beautiful clean color for the walls some nice, easy to install diy blinds for the window and then my desk and accessories to give it that much needed boost in design which for me makes a home or an office a warm and wonderful place to be. I also added in a Scentsy warmer and use it every day as I am working as it is also the perfect way for me to uplift my spirits. Scent does that to me and so does a beautifully designed room. You do not have to spend a fortune to create your home office either. You can actually use what you have and transform old pieces of furniture to make them new and fresh. I have literally found amazing pieces of furniture on the side of the curb in front of someones home and transformed them into masterpieces. You can also pick up pieces at a local thrift store or Goodwill and this will save you tons of money PLUS it is a green thing to do as you are reusing something and making it amazing.

Adding the final touches by adding some pretty pictures to the walls, or an organization center that you can personalize to fit your home office style works perfectly and helps you to stay organized. I love products from Erin Condren as they have tons of styles and options to choose from to fit anyone’s personal style and tastes. I also love adding some green plants throughout as they add the perfect pop of color and style plus they help to clean the air as well. They are nature’s air purifier so they have a function other than just for looking pretty. A nice rug will add some more depth to the space, especially if you have tile or hardwood floors and I also love the idea of bookshelves and baskets to provide extra storage and design to the space overall.

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