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5 Makeup Blush-On Reviews

 5 Makeup Blush-On Reviews

Choosing the right blush-on when doing a full face makeup is hard since you have to consider a lot of factors like your skin tone, its effect, the price and the availability of the product. This article may help you choose the perfect blush for you. Here are the top 5 makeup blush-on products/companies available in the market today.

  1. NARS

NARS is a great brand trusted by many makeup enthusiasts around the globe. It has dug out a spot as a must have cult beauty product in all makeup kits. “NARS Blush Orgasm” is their best seller.

The packaging is simple and sophisticated. It is compact and has the weight of a product that is of high quality. The rubberized packaging finish is the only problem making the surface prone to dirt. The color palette is finely selected, and it has glitters that are very refined, tending to put little shimmers when applied on the cheeks. It illuminates the face, giving it more dimension.


  1. CARGO


Blush is one of the product items that the Cargo brand has been popularized for.  There are specifically 7 blush shades that are available for your preference, namely:

  • Big easy (sheer pink with gold and red grapefruit undertones)
  • Catalina (cotton candy pink)
  • Key largo (tropical punch)
  • Laguna (tropical melon)
  • Mendocino (wild flower pink with a gold sheen)
  • Rome (soft tangerine)
  • Tonga (pink terracotta)

The smooth texture makes it able to mesh with the skin leaving a natural look. A little con drawback is about the shine. Some shades tend to have drastic shimmer when used during daytime. It mainly depends on your preference on what works well with your skin.

The packaging is nice. Having the tin tube container makes it look viable and handy. It is also available at other online makeup stores and some malls nationwide. It can be a bit pricey but worth the cost.


  1. NYX


This is a popular brand across the world patronized by many makeup artists, celebrities, and fashion-savvy women. It has a diverse collection of products to choose from for everyday purposes at a very great price.

Most people consider the “Pinched” shade blush to be a dupe for Nars Orgasm. The color is close to Nars Orgasm, but the similarities in the blending of color are not quite the same.

The packaging is a little too simple and needs improvement. The price is very affordable. It is available in beauty stores nationwide.


  1. MAC


Mac Springsheen blush is the best seller of all the Mac blushes. It is described as a “golden tawny peach with a sheer tone shimmer finish”. It has a gorgeous pinkish coral color embedded with tiny golden shimmers.

You need not to wear separate highlighters because it already has built-it pearls that work the same way. This gives a more elegant look than the Nars Orgasm because of the golden particles that are finer.

The Packaging is simple and gorgeous. This is available at Mac Stores and malls nationwide.


  1. Maybelline


Maybelline cheeky glow blushes are the most affordable in the market which also provide great quality. It comes in a number of different shades namely:

  • Fresh coral
  • Creamy cinnamon
  • Peachy sweetie

The texture is smooth and feels light on the skin. It highlights the cheeks nicely with a little bit of shimmer. The pigmentation is surprisingly good for a budget product. It comes in a white colored tiny container with a transparent cover which makes it easier to identify the shade.

The product works for different skin types. It can stay on for about 4-5 hours before it starts to fade but not quite as long when in humid conditions.



Another factor that can affect the result of the application of a blush on is the brush that is used. Makeup enthusiasts would really recommend a great brush for a great blending of the makeup product on your face. You can get great deals from leading brands like Sigma makeup through online shops.

Choosing the makeup you put on your face should be taken seriously. After all, it’s not just about getting the best product; it’s about getting the one that suits your style, facial features, and skin the best.


  • Linda Manns Linneman

    This sounds like something I would love to try. I love the colors. I will have to check this out soon.

  • Lynne B

    Nicely done! I love that you included both high-end and drugstore brands. I also like that you mentioned which one was a dupe for the NARS Orgasm.

  • Katt Lewis

    All the blushes sound great, I’d actually have to try them on my skin to find out which would work best for me.

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