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What to Look for in a Great Airport Taxi Service

With international travel soon to be allowed once again as the world starts to return to normal after the COVID-19 crisis, how you get to the airport for your trip is always a major consideration to make. With some flights departing the airport in the early hours of the morning or late at night, making sure that you’re able to book a reliable airport transportation service that will get you to the runway in good time is always crucial for a stress-free and enjoyable start to your holiday. Booking well in advance and choosing the right taxi firm is important to make sure that your trip starts out right. Here are some of the key things to consider when choosing an airport taxi firm.  


If you have several options available when booking your airport taxi, it’s a good idea to get online and check out as many reviews as you can for the firm that you’re thinking of booking with. Make sure that they are reliable and can be trusted to turn up on time and get you to the airport in good time for your flight departing. The last thing that you need is a late taxi driver causing you to rush stressed through security and just about make it onto the plane. When booking, don’t forget to consider how long it’ll take you to drop your bags and get through security before you’re in the terminal.  


It’s always worth paying a little more for a reliable and trustworthy taxi firm to take you to the airport and make sure that your trip is comfortable and a great start to your holiday. When you’re booking a taxi to Heathrow, it’s definitely worth paying for a premium service with drivers that are familiar with the area and licensed to take you right up to the airport entrance.  

Travel Requirements 

Consider any special requirements that you might have when travelling in a taxi to the airport and make sure that the firm that you choose is able to accommodate them. For example, if you are a wheelchair user, make sure that you pick a firm with accessible cars that you can easily get into and out of. If you’re traveling with children, you will need to ensure that the taxi firm you use is happy to allow you to use a car seat or booster seat and that the driver can help you out with setting it up. Make any requirements clear when making your booking so that things can run smoothly when your driver arrives.  

Car Size 

Finally, don’t forget the amount of space that you are going to need in the taxi, not just for yourself and whoever you are travelling with, but also for your luggage. If you all have a large suitcase each, it might be necessary to book a larger car or minibus so that everybody and all of your things can fit in the vehicle comfortably. A good taxi firm will be able to help you choose the right transport.  

Your holiday starts as soon as you get into the taxi to the airport, so make sure that you choose a good taxi service!  

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