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My Savvy Review Of Austin & Kat’s Functional Hemp Bites & More

It is no secret to anyone that knows me that I love my furry family members as they are important members of our family. They are always there for us and are amazingly loyal and loving and they just make each and every day extra special. My pets are both rescue pets as I am a huge fan of rescues. I rescued my cat Shadow in 2011 and my little dog Chewey the Chihuahua was rescued in 2009. Chewey is 13 years old now and Shadow is 9. They are both getting up there in age and are slowing down a bit, which is why I jumped at the chance to work with Austin and Kat.

Austin & Kat creates CBD products that you can feel good about giving to your pets. They create Functional Oils, Classic Oils and Infused Bites that will help your dog (or cat) to be happier, calmer and healthier. Their products are especially helpful for aging pets who may be slowing down and having a harder time getting up in the morning due to stiff joints and more. This is the case with both of my pets who are slowing down as they age and which is why I am so excited to share these products with you as they work! Lets take a look at the products I received and why my pets are absolutely loving them….

Brady’s Senior Blend ~ CBD Rich Hemp Bites

Brady’s Senior Blend Wellness Dog Biscuits are everything! These must be super yummy as my pup Chewey the Chihuahua loves them. He is small so I break them into small bite size pieces for him but he devours them. These CBD infused biscuits are specially formulated for pets 6 years and older and this Senior Formula has one purpose….. to promote your dogs long term health. I have found that this blend has really helped Chewey to have more pep in his step and it is designed to reinvigorate your senior pets lifestyle which will allow him to enjoy life again.

Brady’s Senior Formula ~ CBD Oil For Older Dogs

Austin and Kat’s Brady’s Senior Formula CBD Oil works hand in hand with CBD Rich Hemp Bites above. This product was developed through Kat’s years od experience with CBD and older dogs and it is created for pets ages 6 years and older. This is for sure the perfect was to promote your furry family members long term health and enhanced immune response.

Brady’s Senior Formula is the perfect balance of CBD-rich hemp extract with cold-pressed hempseed, coconut, and green-lipped mussel oils for a healthy and tasty way to get your pup up and moving around. I especially love that this formula contains a wide range of complementary botanicals like, Reishi mushroom, Gingko biloba, bilberry, hawthorn berry, and turmeric. Together these ingredients work together to aid in your dog’s cognition, eye health, immunity and circulation and this is huge for me as Chewey is a senior pup that is starting to have some eye issues so anything that helps to combat that is good by me.

Auston & Kat’s CBD Oil for Cats & Dogs

Austin and Kat’s CBD Hemp Oil for Cats & Dogs is a product I am loving for my Cat Shadow who is getting up there in age as well. He is not a senior yet but he is getting up there in age and I just love this kitty so much that anything I can do to keep him healthy and strong for as many years as possible is good by me. Just take a look at this handsome fellow and you will see why……..

This fabulous formula is one that I love as it is created for both cats and small dogs. This original formula blends Austin and Kat’s CBD Rich Hemp Extract with the highest quality barrier oils for optimal health benefits. In this blend you will find organic cold-pressed hempseed oil and wild Alaskan salmon oil that work together for consistent absorption and long-lasting effects and Shadow likes taking it because it tastes so good with the Salmon oil. I just top his food with it and he goes to town.

So what do you think of Austin & Kat’s products? Are you like me and are a pet owner that loves their pets like family? Do you have a senior pet that has slowed down a bit and does not get around like he or she used to? Then you need to check out Austin & Kat as they have an amazing line of products that are infused with CBD Hemp oil and that are beneficial to your pets health and wellness PLUS right now you can enjoy 15% off! Take advantage of this fabulous offer below and make sure to check Austin & Kat out online a don social media to see what others think and have to say.

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