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The Best Protein Powder For Women To Tone Up

Toning up is a common goal. There are 2 parts to toning up. Losing excess body fat and developing muscle tissue. Depending on your own personal circumstances you may need to do one or the other or both.

A toned body is one which has developed muscle tone and a low enough body fat to show this. The scientific term for this is improving your lean body mass. If you are overweight the first thing you need to do is to get to a healthy weight.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is normally seen as a huge mountain to climb with strict dieting and intense exercise. However, this does not need to be the case. Using protein powder correctly can make your weight loss journey exponentially easier. So, how can protein powder become your secret weapon? Read on to find out more…

A calorie deficit is required to lose weight. This means you need to burn more calories than you consume. This should always be done by following a healthy diet plan. However, calorie counting whilst following a healthy diet for a prolonged period is mentally challenging. Fortunately, something called increasing satiety can make keeping a calorie deficit much easier.

Satiety is an often-overlooked aspect of weight loss. A lot of people don’t even know what the word satiety means. The dictionary definition of satiety is fullness. By increasing satiety, you will fill fuller. This is particularly helpful when dieting as it will reduce the likelihood of giving into a spontaneous takeaway or a trip to the cookie jar.

Successfully increasing your satiety, will move the odds of losing weight in your favour. The reason for this is the fuller you fill the less willpower you will need to maintain your diet plan. Of all the food types, research has found protein to be the most effective at promoting satiety. Studies have found pea protein powder to be more effective at suppressing appetite when compared to other protein powders.

Pea protein is often labelled as the best protein powder for female weight loss . It is not just a low calorie, high-quality protein with an excellent ability to supress appetite. 

It has other attractive properties. Notably pea protein is rich in iron. This makes it an excellent supplement for pre-menopausal women. Iron deficiency is the most common nutritional disorder.  The “National Institute of Health Care and Excellence” report global anaemia (iron deficiency) is estimated to be 38% in pregnant women and 29% in non-pregnant women. 

The best pea protein supplements offer up to 8.1mg of iron. This is 45% of the recommended daily allowance for women who are pre-menopausal. If you are a pre-menopausal woman looking to lose weight this is an excellent way to top up your iron levels and promote satiety.

Pea protein is not the only protein powder which can help with weight loss, whey, casein and rice are all high-quality protein sources which will help you with promoting satiety.

These protein powders are also good for supporting the development of muscle tone. With whey and pea showing the best results when it comes to improving lean body mass.


To develop your muscle tone, the best thing to do is resistance training. Women often worry lifting weights will cause them to grow huge muscles. This is not true. If you control your diet and do not consume a calorie surplus, you will not developer bodybuilder like muscles. What will happen is you will develop lean muscle tissue and improve your lean body mass. This will give you a toned look. 

Alternatives to resistance training include activities such as cycling or running. However, resistance training will give the best results. Along with some healthy benefits such as increasing bone density which will help prevent some common health issues which can develop in women over 50.

All the protein supplements mentioned above when combined with resistance training have been scientifically proven to improve lean body mass. The best time to take your protein supplement is fiercely debated in the fitness community. From the available scientific research before or after a workout appear to be the optimal times to take a protein supplement.

Action Points

1. Follow A Healthy Diet Plan

2. Use A Protein Powder To Promote Satiety (this can be used in the day instead of snacking)

3. Exercise (Preferably Resistance Training)

4. Take A Protein Supplement Before Or After Exercise To Help Improve Lean Body Mass

5. Be Consistent And Patient


Getting toned is a combination of developing muscle tone and losing weight for most people. To get the best possible results you will needed patience and persistence. By following a healthy diet plan (with a calorie deficit if you need to lose weight) and following a resistance training program, you will be on your way to a toned body. The ease at which you reach your destination can be enhanced by adding a high-quality protein powder into your toning plan.

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