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5 Alternatives to Smoking that Are Cheaper Than Cigarettes

While more and more people look at the health benefits of quitting smoking, they are also looking for the most cost-effective way to do so. Quitting cold turkey is tough, and really hard on your body. However, there are alternatives to smoking that are cheaper than cigarettes, allowing the smoker to reap the financial benefits of quitting right away.

When it comes to deciding to quit smoking, each method that you try could be a trial and error process; making it hard for you to find the most suitable solution. In this case, you need to give each method a chance as you never know, they could work and can help you to stop this habit for good. Never give up on finding a solution, as if you don’t do it soon, the consequences could be fatal.

Patches and Gum

One of the first and most popular ways to quit smoking for a while was to substitute the nicotine in cigarettes with that in gum or in patches. The gum and patches come in different strengths that allow the user to step down the amount they are using, eventually helping them eliminate nicotine and the use of cigarettes entirely.

The problem? They are not as effective as some other methods because they don’t address the tactile and breathing patterns associated with smoking which are part of the physical addiction to cigarettes. They do work for some people, and the gum does satisfy the oral fixation, enabling some users to quit, and both are definitely more affordable than cigarettes.

Prescription Drugs

There are a number of prescription drugs that can help you quit smoking. Certain products produced and distributed by Pharmaceutical Wholesalers can have a positive impact when used to help someone quit smoking. They work by blocking certain receptors in your brain, reducing cravings for nicotine. Much like patches and gum, they do not replace the tactile or oral fixations associated with smoking, but they can help many people with the quitting process.

These drugs are reasonably affordable compared to the cost of cigarettes and are sometimes covered by health insurance. A prescription is necessary, so a consultation with your physician is necessary to get started.

These drugs are not the answer for everyone, but they are an affordable alternative to smoking.

Herbal Cigarettes

There are some herbal cigarettes out there that are much like cigarettes without the tar and the nicotine. In many cases these are healthier than cigarettes, although burning anything carries the risk of carcinogens and other toxins being created by the combustion process. However, many of the ingredients in these cigarettes are organic, and certain herbs can be healthy at suppressing both appetite and cravings.

The primary disadvantage of these types of cigarettes is that they contain no nicotine, so essentially a smoker is quitting the drug they are addicted to cold turkey. This can produce some struggles, and since the herbal cigarettes are so close to the real thing, it is an easy transition for a smoker to return to them. Still, they are a cheaper alternative to smoking.

Electronic Cigarettes and Vaping

One of the most common replacements for smoking now is vaping or electronic cigarettes. There are several reasons these work as an affordable alternative to smoking.

? The Equipment is Affordable: Vapes and e-cigarettes come in all shapes and sizes, but the initial investment in equipment is minimal in most cases. Small atomizers, e-cigarettes, and simple vapes can all be found reasonably online or at a local vape store.
? Liquids are Affordable: Buying e-liquids for the equivalent number of smokes as a pack of cigarettes is much cheaper in the long run, even with organic or specialty liquids. Have a look into the Smoke shop connector for more information on prices and equipment.
? The Liquids Help You Step Down: E-liquids come with a variety of levels of nicotine, including some that contain none at all. This can help a smoker transition from cigarettes to nicotine free liquids. Depending on your desires, there are a variety of e liquid nz options to suit your needs.
? Vaping is Better for Your Health: The hidden cost of smoking is in healthcare, dental care, and more. Depending on the liquids you choose, vaping has some of those side effects, but fewer than smoking.

The other advantage of vaping is that it mimics the tactile and oral fixations of smoking, making it much more effective than patches, gum, or even pills for assisting someone in quitting smoking. Someone who quits using a vape is more likely to be successful and not smoke again.

Nicotine Inhalers

Another alternative that is becoming more popular is nicotine inhalers. Instead of using a heating element, these work much like inhalers for asthma and other medical purposes in the way they vaporize a small amount of nicotine. This allows the user to get their nicotine fix without the toxins or carcinogens created by combustion.

In other words, using pharma grade nicotine, a nicotine inhaler is potentially a “safe’ cigarette, although the long-term effects of nicotine addiction, even without all the chemicals in cigarettes, can still be harmful.


The long-term effect of nicotine is not a good thing, and addictions are hard to break. Fortunately, there are affordable alternatives to cigarette smoking. While these are just a few of the more popular ones, they are great places to start if you are looking to replace cigarettes and quit smoking.

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  • MD Kennedy

    If you smoke you MUST quit. These are some great ways to kick the habit, but you will still need a lot of willpower. It took my husband 5 times to quit for good.

  • kate g

    I quit smoking many years ago and I tried a couple of things that didn’t work. What worked for me was sipping water. It put together one thing I needed to stop and one thing I needed more of…and it was also easy to have a water bottle handy anywhere I went.

  • Susan Aguilar

    Quitting smoking is so difficult for so many people for so many different reasons. Although one might say that nicotine is the main cause for the addiction, there are many other factors that go into the psychological and physical aspects of cigarette smoking. The sucking motion, the hand-to-mouth motion, the anxiety or stress reducer – also known as the quick release of oxytocin in the brain. Once a person understands their own addictive behaviors, it is only then that they can successfully find alternatives to replace these habits. It’s hard, but can be done 🙂

  • jenn fike

    All very helpful tips. It’s so difficult to quit. I did and was doing very well and then back slid. Now it’s time to do it all over again.