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5 Uses and Benefits of Tactical Dog Harnesses     

Earlier, people used harnesses mainly for working dogs (for instance, sled dogs). But, with more pet owners learning about the disadvantages of using dog collars, the demand for harnesses has increased. A tactical dog harness is one such device that can be used for walking, running, or training purposes. 

If you want to know what their key uses and benefits are, check the following points:1. Firm Control

Harnesses with no pull are suitable for medium to large-size dogs. They are perfect for big dogs such as Labradors, Malinois, Belgian, and German shepherd dogs. You can also use a tactical dog harness for your pet if it likes to pull, since harnesses are designed to distribute weight more evenly than a collar. However, consider the behavior, attitude, and strengths of your dog when choosing a harness. 

With the handles, you can easily control your dog and ensure mobility as and when required. The firm control helps both you and your dog throughout training. 2. Clear Vision (HI-VIS)

Therapy and service dog harnesses come with big patch panels and identification signage windows to show their unique medical status. Some tactical dog harnesses have vest trims and reflective strips that keep you and your pet safe during night walks. 

Like many dog owners, you can be creative with tactical harnesses. Add glow sticks and LED lights to them. Working dogs like search and rescue (SAR) dogs are made to put on orange vests most of the time to increase visibility. 3. Health and Fitness

Healthier dogs, like humans, tend to be happier and more active. Many dogs enjoy staying active with their owners, but some may be overweight due to a lack of activity.

For such dogs, some companies offer a wide variety of dog gears for external activities. Many practical dog gear sellers offer advanced gears that allow dog owners to attach weights, so their dogs get a neat workout while walking at home. They can quickly learn how to carry weights when they are outside. Thus, your pet can stay healthy and fit even when they are at your home. 4. Security and Safety 

A tactical dog harness is made using sturdy materials. It has metal buckles and nylon to improve security and prevent your dog from escaping. As the harnesses cover a huge part of your dog’s body, the gear offers a high level of protection. 

Though the harnesses are not bite-proof, they are capable of saving lives. They act as a great rescuer for small dogs living in both rural and urban areas.5. No Front Clips

Most harnesses come without any clips at the front. Some harnesses come with very few clips. Both kinds offer the requisite support and safety for your dog while not compromising on its comfort. 

If your dog pulls often, front clips can make the harness very uncomfortable for it. Meanwhile, rear clips are perfect for trekking. 

A tactical dog harness can be a great option because of the uses and benefits mentioned above. They are perfect for any outdoor activity or just a usual walk. 

Choose a harness that promotes comfort, security, breathability and fits perfectly on your dog.

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