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4 Ways to Increase Your Performance at Work

It’s no secret that from time to time we all find work a bit boring. It can be easy to get distracted and lose focus on the job at hand. In these moments, it can be useful to have a few tricks up your sleeve to help you get back on track and stay engaged with your job.

Trying to regain focus is just one reason why people may want to increase their performance at work. It could also be that you’re looking to gain a promotion and want to prove you can put the hours in to succeed in the role. Alternatively, work may just be piling up on your desk, and you need to find a way of being super organized and productive.

Whatever the reasons for wanting to be more productive here are 4 tips that might help:

Take Regular Short Breaks

It may sound counterproductive, but taking short breaks away from your screen or away from an intense project can, in fact, make you more productive. Taking a break once an hour can be better for some people than sitting and working intensely according to a recent study.

Standing up and moving around will also help as it increases blood flow and sends more oxygen to the brain to keep it working at optimum levels. It will also help to reduce the risk of getting muscle aches and pains from sitting the same position for hours that in turn can lead to you having to take time off work.

Prioritize Tasks By Importance

You can’t do it all. Well, you can but not all at once. Having a crazy workload can be an unwanted source of workplace stress and procrastinating will only make it worse. If you’re looking at a list of 20 items chances are some are more important than others. Prioritizing them into manageable chunks will help you to be better organized and will give you a clearer picture of what needs to be done by when. Rescue Time have some great exercises you can try to help order your tasks more productively. Rome wasn’t built in a day.   

 See A Performance Coach

It’s not uncommon for people in the business world to have a performance coach that helps them to stay at the top of their game. Using a mixture of techniques, they can help with a range of areas from concentration and mental focus to identifying and setting goals you want to achieve. According to the developing and maintaining a winning mindset will help to increase motivation and boost performance at work. It’s a similar technique used by athletes to help prepare them for big sports matches.

Close or Mute Your Inbox

It may not be for everyone but shutting down your email so you’re not checking it every 10 minutes can do wonders for productivity. If you’re able to, try closing down your email and only check it at pre-defined intervals such as every hour or every 30 minutes. If you are working on a task that may take a few hours you could try setting an out of office asking people to call if it’s urgent, shut down your email and let the creative juices flow (taking appropriate breaks of course).

So, there you have it, four tips to help you increase your performance at work and not get distracted. You’ll have your desk cleared in no time.


  • Debbie P

    Thanks for the really great tips and advice. I have been thinking about seeing a performance coach for some time now and I need to just do it. And little breaks are a must.