overbite and ways to treat it
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How To Tell If You Have An Overbite And Ways To Treat It

Many of us dream about having that Hollywood smile. The pearly white smile, with straight teeth and no gaps. The best way to achieve this look is through dental work. It could be having teeth whitening treatment to achieve that pearly white colouring or having braces to get that desired straightness with no gaps. Despite knowing how they can accomplish this, almost half of American adults skip taking visits to the dentist. The primary reason for not visiting is due to the costs involved.

Avoiding the dentist can cause many dental complications for a person. One of these complications is spotting dental issues such as gum disease, cavities and an overbite. If a person has an overbite, whilst their jaw is closed, their upper teeth overlap their lower front teeth significantly.

There are corrective treatments available that can help with fixing an overbite. These are just a few of them worth considering.

Investing In Braces

Braces are one of the most popular dental treatments for helping people to improve their teeth’s appearance. Many will have braces to improve how straight their teeth appear, and others will invest in braces as their form of overbite treatment.

It is possible to fix an overbite with braces. However, having braces for overbite is not the only overbite treatment. Having clear aligners can also help with improving an overbite. Many practices will offer clear aligners as an alternative to having braces for an overbite. For example, ALIGNERCO provides the option of using clear aligners as an effective overbite treatment. Many will prefer an aligner as their overbite and teeth’s appearance will be improved without wearing metal braces.

Wearing Retainers After Braces

Wearing braces or a clear aligner can be an effective overbite treatment. After the time and money invested into improving your teeth and your overbite, the last thing you will want is for that to change. An effective way to help keep your teeth in alignment after wearing braces for your overbite is to wear a retainer.

Depending on what is recommended, you could wear your retainer only at night when you go to sleep, or you might have to wear it during the day. Either way, wearing a retainer will help maintain the improvements made to your teeth to resolve your overbite.

Possible Tooth Extraction

Fortunately for most, having a tooth extraction is very slim. Tooth extractions to treat an overbite are rarely performed. If and when they do occur, they are for severe overbite cases. Some will choose to have some of their teeth extracted if it will help with improving their overbite. Removing teeth to help with an overbite can be beneficial for some, depending on the severity of their overbite.

Additionally, some might have to consider having overbite correction surgery. Like with tooth extraction, jaw surgery can improve an overbite. It often occurs in either moderate or severe overbite cases.

If you are concerned that you might have an overbite, book a visit to your dentist. They can confirm whether you have an overbite or not and check for any other dental issues you might have. Investing in your teeth will be worthwhile when you have your ideal smile to showcase.