Instagram-worthy Wedding Buffet
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4 Tips to set an Instagram-worthy buffet for a wedding reception

The buffet is a popular arrangement for most events and parties such as a wedding reception. It allows the guests to choose the food they like and plat according to their preferences. It also liberates the host from worrying about the serving on each table. Some common considerations while arranging a buffet is what to include in the food and where to buy platters in Christchurch? However, there are several other things you must consider while planning. 

Despite being very convenient, buffets are also prone to several pitfalls. The good news is that you can easily avoid these shortcomings by considering the following simple yet effective suggestions. It must be understood that there is a long list of best practices that you can follow. The following list includes only a few that can make take buffet good to great and make it Instagram-worthy for your guests. 

*Pay attention to the movements of the corral 

Food is the biggest grabber in any party or event which is why people often rush in herds for food. Oftentimes, they would stand too close to the table and start munching there only. This way, they block the way of other grazers and can easily create a mess.  

You must consider herd movement while planning a buffet. You can manage this by having a definite beginning and end of the table and having plenty of space at each end. You can also create alternate interesting spots in the room where people would love to go while eating and do not create a pool near the table. 

*Keep drinks and food separate 

Drinks must be kept on a completely separated table. It is important to understand that grabbing a coffee with sugar packets and other pourers is different from munching food. You cannot have your guests stand in a buffet line to just grab or refill a coffee. You can place the coffee counter near the kitchen to avoid spillage while exchanging jugs of water and coffee pots. 

*Make sure the plates are at the front and cutlery at the end of the table 

This is a very important rule that must be followed without any exception. You must keep all the cutlery including spoons, forks, knives, cups, and sporks at the end of the table. People should not have anything to juggle at the beginning. You should place only the plates and at most napkins at the beginning of the buffet table. An even better idea is to place the cutlery on the tables where people are supposed to sit and eat. 

*Have multiple stacks of everything to ensure convenience 

Having multiple stacks of every essential can make your event much smoother. For instance, placing at three stakes of napkins, sufficiently scattered in the room will allow your guests to grab one without stand in the buffet line and adding to the herd there. Similarly, you can put places and bowls at both ends of the table for smaller platters such as starters. Such an arrangement also helps you to manage the party in the later stage and gives you more time to attend to your guests instead of worrying about the serving. 

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