Easter Cupcakes
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Top Cupcake Decoration Ideas for an Amazing Easter

No Easter dinner is complete without a sweet ending. One simple way to perfect the ending is to get a beautiful theme-based cake from the best cake delivery in Sydney. Alternatively, you can have multiple sweet and creative cupcakes to meet everyone’s taste and dietary restrictions including an Egg free cake. These options are especially suitable when you have children at your get together.  

Cupcakes are an amazing choice to celebrate any occasion. You can have multiple flavors and be playful with their toppings and decorations. You can also easily capture the ester theme by having multiple elements included in the topping. Allowing children to choose their favorite ester element can add to the excitement of the party. Here are some incredible cupcake decoration ideas you can try this ester and make it a memorable one for all. 

*Bunny cupcakes 

Bunny is one of the most loved characters and can be easily added to your cupcakes. You can simply place a candied bunny head in different colors on the top of the icing or create a bunny butt with pink or teal tails and pows. These cupcakes attract both adults and children equally. 

*Mini carrot cupcakes 

Another great and exceptionally simple idea is to decorate your cupcakes with a tiny carrot. You can put one carrot on each cupcake on top of the cream cheese frosting. This simple idea is ideal for beginners who want to impress their guests. 

*Speckled eggs decoration 

This is a perfect idea for an ester celebration. After frosting your cupcakes, pipe some grass with the help of green color icing to create a nest. Place 2 or 3 candy eggs in the nest to give them an exciting ester feeling. 

*Sprinkle surprise cake 

With ester also comes the bright and cheerful spring. You can add this fun to your cupcake with sprinkles. You can also place colorful jimmies inside the cupcake to create a surprise element and add to the fun. 

*Drop flowers cake 

Another way of adding the charm of spring to your cupcakes is to decorate them with colorful swirl drop flowers. You can put pink, purple, teal, some other color icing in a bag and make tiny flowers on the cupcake. 

*Big pull-apart cake 

This is an amazing way to present your cupcakes. It is easy to create and can easily be the center of attraction for your party. You arrange the cupcakes in a specific shape, maybe a carrot or a bunny shape, and ice them all together to create one big shape. 

*Angel food cake 

You can make cupcakes a sweet treat with no guilt. Prepare these bite-sized cakes and simply top them with whipped cream and few chunks of fresh berries. You can also create a colorful treat by adding different berries on the top of each cupcake. 

*Daffodil decoration 

With subtle and easy decoration, these daffodil cupcakes will certainly bring a smile to the face of your guests. All you have to do is to create alternative concentric swirls of icing to create a fresh and blooming flower look. 

*Floral cones 

Floral cones are a great choice if you want to do something unique and unconventional. You put the cake and frosting in a cone and decorate it with a bunch of candy flowers to create a bouquet. 

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