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What Do You Need For a Fish Tank? A Helpful Guide

Are you wondering what do you need for a fish tank? If yes, you should check out our guide right here detailing the essentials.

Did you know that 15 million households in the US own a pet fish?

If you’re looking to get a fish, you might be at the point where you’re ready to buy a tank and everything that goes inside of it. However, if you’re a first-time fish owner, you may not know what you should put inside the tank.

Keep reading, and you’ll learn about the various things you need to buy for a fish tank. When you get to the end of this post, you should be able to answer the question, “what do you need for a fish tank?”

Let’s begin!

Are You Going to Buy Tropical Fish?

When you buy fish, you can typically buy cold-water fish or tropical fish. If you buy tropical fish, you will need to get all the usual stuff as well as a heater. 

Thus, before you do any shopping, you should take a moment to consider what kind of fish you want. Once you know what you’re going to get, you’ll be able to get the right equipment. 


When buying items for your fish tank, you might also want to think about getting some lighting. 

It’s worth noting that some tanks come with built-in lighting. But, if you’ve bought a tank that doesn’t have built-in lighting, that’s okay, as most pet stores will sell LED lights that you can attach to your fish tank.  

Keep in mind that certain fish will have particular needs when it comes to lighting. Thus, make sure you mention the kind of fish you’re going to buy when you’re asking the pet store about lighting. 

Gravel and Ornaments

You’ll also want to get some gravel for your tank, as well as some ornaments.

You generally have a lot of freedom when choosing gravel, so you can pick something that looks quite colorful.

Ornaments can improve the appearance of your tank, but they can also give your fish a place to hide. Following this, try to buy some ornaments that are big enough for your fish.

If you’re looking to give your tank a particular style, you might want to buy ornaments that follow a particular theme. An example of this could include ‘pirate-themed’ ornaments. 

If you want to take things to the next level, you might want to consider getting some plants for your tank. If you’re not sure what plants will be a good fit, maybe think about getting some macro algaes

What Do You Need for a Fish Tank?

You should now be able to confidently answer the question, “what do you need for a fish tank?”

Once you get a fish tank, you can always change the items inside of the tank. Thus, if you’re worried about getting things wrong, remember that you can always change things later. 

The most important thing is that your tank is a fundamentally good place for your fish. If you can do that, there’s no doubt that your fish will be happy and healthy. 

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