3 Ways to Medically Help Others

There are a countless amount of people who need additional support to help them overcome an illness, get through an injury or in extreme cases, even avoid death. There are just far too many people on donor waiting lists, meaning they can’t get the transplant they desperately need; too many are unable to have operations as there’s not enough of their blood type available for transfusions; and for some people there’s not enough research that has been done to help treat their specific illness. 

There’s so much that people can do, relatively small things, that will massively help an induvial. Here are few of the things you can do to help someone in medical peril and potentially become a lifesaver. 

Give Blood 

Giving blood is a sought-after thing and is an incredibly appreciated gesture for many reasons. The main one is that the blood taken and stored in reserves can be used for operations. It can also be an extremely rewarding thing for people to do if they have a rare blood type. There are 4 main groups of blood – A, B, AB and O – and these can either be RhD positive or negative. In general, only people of the same blood type can mix blood, as there’s risk that blood might be rejected if it’s not compatible, which can cause serious problems. 

O blood is the rarest type of blood, so for people that have that blood type and need treatment, many hospitals can find that they’re unable to perform treatment as there’s not enough of that certain type of blood. That’s why it’s critical that those with rare blood types donate, and even those that have a common one do too, as it’s still a really important and rewarding thing that can be done.  

Become an Egg Donor 

There are many desperate potential mothers who, for medical reasons, are unable to conceive and have a child. However, there is treatment that can give them a chance of a natural childbirth, such as IVF. This treatment involves fertilizing an egg with sperm in a laboratory and then inserting the embryo that’s formed into the mother’s womb. This treatment can use a mother’s eggs, however if there’s issues with those eggs, then using a donor’s is the only option. 

Becoming an egg donor can be an emotionally challenging sacrifice, but it’s also immensely rewarding as you help a young couple start a family. Donated eggs can be used on strangers as well as individuals close to the donor, depending on their preference. There are certain criteria to meet in order to be eligible, such as being younger than 32, a non-smoker who’s STD free and with a BMI between 18-30. 

Donate Organs

There are many people that need replacement organs to replace ones that might be damaged or failing, however many transplants are put on hold because there simply isn’t a suitable organ for them to use. There are different ways an individual can give organs, and the one way that officials are begging people to do is to become an organ donor when you die. In most cases, depending on the circumstances of the death, many organs within an induvial can be harvested and become useful for those that need one. It might be a bit morbid, but it’s something worth considering, as you won’t need your organs after you die. Even if organs aren’t healthy enough to be used in transplants, they can still make good study resource so that doctors can learn more about them and potentially prevent more illnesses and deaths in the future. 

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