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Four Reasons to Consider a Healthcare Career Path

Four Reasons to Consider a Healthcare Career Path

Recent survey results published by U.S. News showed that a whopping 80% of job hunters reported that they’d rather be doing a job that they love, than a job that pays well. However, while it’s nice to know that the majority of Americans appear to prefer working in an industry that they’re passionate and excited about over expanding their bank balance, one of the most disappointing factors about the results is that they imply that salaries and job satisfaction are mutually exclusive. However, although this may be true in some fields of work, healthcare is a definite exception. Careers in healthcare are able to provide not only security and salary, but also give you the opportunity to help others in a hugely rewarding setting. We’ve put together some of the best reasons to consider a job in the healthcare sector.

#1. Job Satisfaction:

Working in healthcare, particularly on the front line with patients as a doctor or nurse, is certainly challenging and at times, even a difficult job to do. However, most front-line healthcare professionals will tell you that the personal reward and satisfaction that comes with being in their line of work will make it all worth it. In general, surveys show that around 80-90% of nurses and physician’s assistants are completely satisfied with their job and in no way regret their career choice.

#2. Job Security:

When you choose a career path to pursue in your life, the last thing that you want is to be working in a job where you’re never sure if you’re still going to be employed next year, month, or even by next week. For the majority of American workers, job security is a huge factor when choosing a profession, since most of us rely on a stable, permanent job for our incomes. The healthcare industry offers some of the most secure jobs out there, and with an aging population in need of increasing healthcare, healthcare workers are only getting more and more secure.

#3. Excellent Salaries:

Of course, the salary that you can earn whilst work in the healthcare industry will be representative of the type of job that you do. For instance, you can learn more about nursing salaries from Regis College. Other careers, however, will not only provide you with excellent job security and satisfaction but also put big bucks in your bank account. In addition, even those starting off on lower, entry-level salaries will have the option to branch out into various specialities within healthcare and undergo further training to pursue higher-paid roles. See this health care salaries guide for more information.

#4. Flexibility:

Lastly, another great reason to get into a career in healthcare is that they can be some of the most flexible job positions on offer. If the 9-5 office job or corporate life is not for you, then working in healthcare could be the perfect choice. Many healthcare workers will work shift patterns, and some may even get the option to travel between states or even around the world whilst doing their job – healthcare professionals are needed in every corner of the globe!

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