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3 Inspirational Books To Reset, Refresh, & Renew Your Outlook For The New Year

What a crazy time 2020 was for us all…. am I right? I think everyone needs to reset, refresh and renew their outlook overall after the past year that we all endured and went through due to the Pandemic, lockdowns and more. For these reasons I jumped at the chance to check out three inspirational books from Running Press that are the perfect way to get your mindset in check and to help you to reset, refresh and renew your outlook for the New Year and beyond. In this post we will take a look at The Habit Trip by Sarah Hays Coomer, The Sober Curious Reset by Ruby Warrington, and Your Day, Your Way by Timothy Caulfield.

Let’s take a look at each book now and what I love about each…..

The Habit Trip: A Fill-In-The-Blank Journey To A Life On Purpose

Author: Sarah Hays Coomer

The Habit Trip is a must have read for everyone and I am seriously thinking of gifting this to some of my friends and family as it is the perfect tool for today. This book is like an interactive workbook that provides you with the tools to find a new and refreshing way to approach and promote positive change in ones life. This is something that I loved about The Habit Trip as I can find myself overwhelmed very easily which equals stress and which for me is not a good thing. This book is designed to help its reader live a life of motivation and purpose through an active journey to self-discovery, one micro-change at a time.

This is a read that I will utilize again and again. The Habit Trip is about small changes that make a big difference in your life. It is the practice of proactively fortifying your entire body, heart and mind with small, life-giving changes that are micro doses of solace and structure, in response to the mayhem of daily life. You can take as much as you want out of this book which is why I will be reading it again and again because I feel like… depending on what is going on in my life at any given time…. it may reach me and inspire me differently each time that I read it and absorb the materials. The Habit Trip will get you to thinking and it will literally map out a topography of who you are as a person and what you truly love, all while revealing a personalized infrastructure just for you, for your well-being that is hiding in plain site… right there and out in the open.

Sometimes the stresses of everyday life can cause you not to see what is literally right in front of you and this book will get you to change the way that you look at things so that you are aware all while not allowing yourself to be overwhelmed.

The habit Trip will take you on a learning journey that is divided into three section:

*The Situation: evaluate your life in ten areas to identify what’s working and what’s not

*The Solution: find micro-doses of solace and strength to bolster your health and stability

*The Payoff: amplify the power, peace, and presence that comes with knowing what matters most

My biggest reason for enjoying The Habit Trip as much as I do is because it is literally an actionable antidote for stress and frustration, nestled inside of an interactive workbook in which I am the one and only expert. By the end of the book, I have discovered an easier way to deal with the chaos and problems in my life, taking it one step and one bad habit at a time. I am changing the way that I handle my problems ultimately so that they are My Challenges, My Solutions, My Way! I really love that and highly recommend that everyone snag a copy of this book to add to their reading library.

Check out some reviews on what others think of The Habit Trip:

“In The Habit Trip, Sarah Hays Coomer reveals a refreshing new way to approach positive change: listening to your gut, your heart, and your inner voice. If you’ve ever wanted the process of change to feel more playful, joyful, and rooted in self-trust-not self-criticism-this guide will show you the way.”―KellyMcGonigal, Ph.D., author of The Willpower Instinct and The Joy ofMovement
The Habit Trip is a fresh perspective on ways to consider, measure, and ultimately change the many micro-habits that shape our lives. Coomer does an incredible job weaving together science, narratives, and her own journey in this compelling and highly practical book, which actively invites the reader to engage. I recommend it to anyone who wants to make changes to their keystone habits.”―BenMichaelis, Ph.D., author of Your Next Big Thing

The Habit Trip is a joy. Imagine if childhood stories got together with behavior science to give us lessons on how to change.”―Daniel H. Pink, #1 New YorkTimes bestselling author of Drive and When

“The Habit Trip is a choose-your-own-adventure guide to help us identify how to boost our well-being. Through engaging ideas and tools Sarah Hays Coomer guides us to answer the very questions that underlie the quality of life we all yearn to achieve. If you are ready to feel and live better, The Habit Trip will quickly launch you on to this inspiring path.”―Michelle Segar, Ph.D.,MPH, author of No Sweat: How the Simple Science of Motivation Can BringYou A Lifetime of Fitness

About the Author ~ Sarah Hays Coomer

Sarah Hays Coomer is a Mayo Clinic and National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and a Prenatal Fitness Specialist with the American Fitness Professionals & Associates. Sarah is the author of two previous books: Physical Disobedience: An Unruly Guide to Health and Stamina for the Modern Feminist (2018) and Lightness of Body and Mind: A Radical Approach to Weight and Wellness (2016). Her work has been featured in Shape, MSN, Thrive Global, the Wall Street Journal, New York Daily News, Huffington Post,UTNE Reader, Bustle, andthe Tennessean, among others. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

Your Day, Your Way: The Fact And Fiction Behind Your Daily Decisions

Author: Timothy Caulfield

Your Day, Your Way by Timothy Caulfield is another must have inspirational book to have in your reading library. Life is always throwing curve balls, so it is important to work on your mindset and of your handling of stressful situations in general which is why having the right tools to help you get there is a must. This book is a must have as the author provides a friendly, funny, fact-based guide that is a pleasure to read…. actually quite fun to read in all honesty as I found myself unable to put it down at times. The end result is a book that is part pop-science, part self-help all while helping you to change how you make decisions in order to live your best life…. like probably ever!

In life we all make and worry about all of the many big and little decisions that we make throughout the day. The worst part is that most of us base decisions on falsehoods that are based on concerns and/or beliefs about our world… that are quite untrue. All of the false information that is thrown out in this technology driven world that we live in today, can cause us to have misconceptions that impact our day-to-day decisions and that unnecessarily stress us out. Think about it…. eggs at one time were bad for you… next thing you know that is not necessarily the case. This has happened with many things such as drinking red wine everyday, eating cheese to offset Alzheimer’s …. and well you get the point. This is why I love Your Day, Your Way by Timothy Caulfield as he seeks to provide the solution to all of the falsehoods out there, by teaching his readers through sound science and silly stories, that taking a fresh approach to their decision-making process can lead to lives that are more fulfilling, more exciting and less stressful.

The way that the author shares his story is by sharing a typical day… from the start of your day all the way up to bedtime. As the time of day changes, Caulfield tackles topics associated with that particular time of day and addresses them through science-informed responses about health, providing his readers a way to cut through the noise ultimately leading to healthier and happier lives in the age of chaos and anxiety. I have to stress that I love also how Caulfield highlights and acknowledges what science says we should be worried about and how we can de-stress and live a healthy lifestyle regardless. The best part is that instead of laying it on heavy…. the author uses wit, humor and a wide variety of examples that encourage his readers to reevaluate how they make their decisions so that they can truly live their best lives.

Check out some reviews on what others think of Your Day, Your Way:

“Perhaps you, like me, find yourself bewildered by conflicting claims about everything from the food you should eat, to the ‘five second rule’ if that food falls on the floor, to whether public toilet seats pass along terrifying diseases. Tim Caulfield masterfully, and humorously, walks you through all of the things you’re likely to encounter in a typical day and provides such much needed sanity in a world of claims run amok. It also serves as an introduction to critical thinking for those who don’t know how to approach such questions, enabling all of us to make better sense of any new nonsense that comes forward. I devoured it (and it didn’t even fall on the floor).”

Daniel Levitin, Author of Successful Aging and The Organized Mind

“In Your Day, Your Way Tim Caulfield gives us an entertaining guide to some of the most entrenched as well as the more recent wellness fads. No one understands the impact of pop culture on health communication better than Caulfield, who is an expert in the marketing of health misinformation and disinformation. He is an entertaining science communicator who understands that fear is a big driver of our headline-driven 24/7 news cycle. Every day we are met with headlines-which often contradict the ones from the previous week-as to how we should be living our lives.Caulfield tackles this confusing clickbait by walking the reader through an imaginary day. His style of communication is effective and easy to understand. And I learned a lot! Read this book-it will vaccinate you against misinformation!”―Dr. Jen Gunter, Renowned gynecologist and author of The Vagina Bible

About the Author ~ Timothy Caulfield

Timothy Caulfield is a media maven and populist snake-oil debunker, author of the bestselling books Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong about Everything? and The Cure for Everything!, and creator and host of the Netflix series A User’s Guide to Cheating Death. Tim is also a lawyer, professor, and fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. He holds the Canada Research Chair in Health Law and Policy, and serves as the research director of the University of Alberta’s Health Law Institute.

The Sober Curious Reset: Change The Way You Drink In 100 Days Or Less

Author: Ruby Warrington

I am loving the insight found in The Sober Curious Reset from Ruby Warrington…. the author of The Sober Curious. The Sober Curious was published in 2019 and it was an illuminating conversation starter that asked its reader to consider…. “would your life be better without alcohol?” Thus sparking a global wellness trend of “curiosity” on how to gain one’s genuine confidence and happiness without the crutch that alcohol can become. The Sober Curious Reset is an upbeat ‘reset’ guide that walks its reader through 100 days of discovering the joys of an alcohol-free lifestyle. This is much needed after the pandemic and lockdowns as it has become a problem for many finding themselves stuck at home, depressed, isolated and more.

The author goes a step further in this guide by inviting its reader to be involved in a 100-day process of radically rethinking your drinking. Each “day” features observations, exercises as well as much needed insights which ultimately provides a wonderful process of self-discovery as compared to month-long programs like Dry January or Sober September. Ruby Warrington’s friendly, honest and nonjudgmental tone helps its reader to unmask the deeper “whys” behind their drinking, helps the reader to understand why 100 days is so transformational plus it shows them how they can create a truly sustainable shift in habits for the better so that they are living a life with more presence, focus, and overall well-being.
I also love that The Sober Curious Reset is not all about complete abstinence but rather it is about empowering its reader to make the right drinking choices, whatever this may look like for them. Ruby’s 100 days is all about changing the relationship that you have with alcohol so that in the end you can lead a life with more clarity, confidence and connection.

Check out some reviews on what others think of The Sober Curious Reset:

“Ruby Warrington is an iconic voice in the sobriety, spirituality and self-help worlds, and this book is an absolute revelation for people looking to change their relationships with alcohol and reclaim control over their lives. I can’t recommend it highly enough!”

Say D’Simone, Author of Spiritually Sassy

“Ruby’s The Sober Curious Reset gives readers tangible, realistic steps for kicking alcohol to the curb for good. Anyone who is interested in a sober life and living in true alignment with their highest self, check out this pioneering workbook.”

Jordan Younger, Author of The Balanced Blond

“If curiosity is the key to transformation, then this is the roadmap for transforming your relationship with alcohol.”
Lauren McKowan, Author of We Are The Luckiest

About the Author ~ Ruby Washington

Ruby Warrington is an author and former features editor of the UK’s Sunday Times Style supplement. In 2013 she created The Numinous, an online magazine that has been at the forefront of conversations about modern spirituality. Widely credited with coining the term “sober curious,” she is also the host of the Sober Curious podcast, and author of Material Girl, Mystical World, Sober Curious, and The Numinous Astro Deck. She lives in New York City.
So what are your thoughts on these three wonderful inspiring, self help books designed to Reset, Refresh and Renew your outlook for 2021 and beyond? Are you loving them as much as I am? Are you on the lookout for a new good book or a few good books to add to your reading collection? Look no further than these 3 fabulous inspirational books from Running Press today. We can all use the tips and insightful info that they provide so that we can all start enjoying our best lives ever. Available on Amazon so check them out!


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