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3 Daily Habits To Help You Save For A Family Vacation

Travel is expensive and when you’re already working on a tight budget, finding the money to take the family away on vacation might seem impossible. Once you add up the cost of flights and accommodation, plus all of the spending money that you’ll need while you’re out there, it just doesn’t fit into your budget. But what you’ve got to remember is that you’ve got a whole year between vacations to save the money, which means that you can do it slowly. Instead of thinking about it as one big lump sum, consider how much you’d have to save each day to reach your target. Suddenly, it doesn’t seem that daunting. There are so many ways that you can save a little money each day and put it aside for your next family trip, you just have to change your spending habits a little. These are some of the easiest things that you can do every day to save for your next family vacation.

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Pack Your Own Lunch

So many people buy lunch at work every day and they’re wasting a huge amount of money. It doesn’t seem like that much at the time, but add that up over a year and that’s probably a big chunk of what you’d spend on a vacation. But you can save most of that money if you just pack your own lunch instead. When you suggest this, people usually start with the excuses. They don’t have enough time or they don’t know what to cook. But there are plenty of cheap, healthy foods for lunch that are quick and easy to prepare. You can even prep all of your lunches for the week at the weekend so you don’t need to worry about it when you get in from work. You’ll save yourself a lot of money to put towards a vacation and you’ll probably be eating more healthily as well.

Hunt For Coupons

You can often find coupons that give you great travel deals in the newspaper, and even if you can’t find any travel deals, you’ll find coupons that save you money elsewhere. You should always be on the lookout for these coupons every day so you don’t miss out on any good deals. The only problem here is that a lot of people don’t bother with a paper anymore and you might not want to pay for a subscription, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get the coupons. As long as you know how to get coupon inserts without buying a newspaper, you can still benefit from those deals. Recycling centers are a great place to find unused coupons, and you can just ask family and friends as well.

Save Spare Change

People often underestimate how effective it is to save your spare change. If you’ve got a few coins in your pocket, they usually end up being spent on something that you don’t need like a snack or a cup of coffee. You’re only buying it because you’ve got the money in your pocket, so why not just put it in a change jar instead? Over the course of a year, you’ll be able to save a lot of money that could be used for spending on your vacation.

If you get into the habit of doing these things on a daily basis, you will find it so easy to save for your next family vacation.


  • Lauryn R

    These are awesome daily habits to help you save some money, thanks for sharing! It is amazing how much change can add up! I love to keep our in a giant jar. I also remember when I used to work how much money I wasted eating out every day. I would have saved so much packing my own lunch!