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How to Have a Grand Time in Tulsa

Tulsa is one of the more unfairly overlooked cities in the country. Situated near the heart of one of the Midwest’s “flyover” states, it’s rarely given proper acknowledgment. However, Tulsa is home to lots of history and is one of the shining gems of Oklahoma. As the second-largest city in the state, Tulsa is often left in the shadow of Oklahoma City, even though it’s just as exciting. From the entertainment offerings to the booming festival scene, there are many reasons to give Tulsa a visit.

So gas up your car, get ready for a road trip, and make sure you have your phone handy to take plenty of photos. Tulsa is a beautiful and energetic city that’s worth exploring. Here are a few ways you can experience the vibrancy of this city for yourself.

Endless Entertainment

Tulsa’s entertainment district is endlessly charming and packed with things to do. Known to the locals as the Blue Dome Entertainment District, it has quickly become the hottest spot in Tulsa over the past few years. Centered around its namesake, the Blue Dome (an old oil station built in 1924), it’s loaded with places to find some nosh and spend quality time with friends and family. This includes Bohemian-chic bar Enso and local favorite breakfast spot Bramble.

If you’re a foodie, chew over what Tulsa has to offer. From a rapidly-expanding food truck scene to classic institutions like Kilkenny’s Irish Pub, the city has an enormous supply of relaxed, hip dining spots. And if you’re in the mood for some jerk chicken, Caribbean restaurant Sisserou’s won’t let you down.

Music to Your Ears

If you’re a music lover, Cain’s Ballroom is one of the most iconic — and underrated — music venues in the nation. It was built in the 1920s as an automobile storage facility for W. Tate Brady. As it morphed into a music hall, it became a draw for a variety of performers and music acts of all genres.

Another hip Tulsa venue with some great history is the Brady Theater. It’s on the National Register of Historic Places and has been a major draw since its completion in 1914. It’s one of the few theaters in the country deemed large enough to stage a Metropolitan Opera production. The Brady frequently sees some of the nation’s top touring bands — think classic acts like U2 and heavy metal favorite Metallica — and is four stories tall, so don’t worry too much about getting seats.

Let the Festivities Begin


Tulsa’s a city that knows how to host a good festival. There’s an event going on nearly every month of the year! From the Pop Culture Expo in November to the local favorite POSTOAK Wine & Jazz Festival, you’re bound to find an event that caters to your tastes. One of the zanier, more colorful offerings is Tokyo in Tulsa, a festival that’s dedicated to all things Japan, including anime, gaming, and art.

Whether you’re trying to take the perfect Instagram pic at the Tulsa State Fair or are livestreaming your time hanging out with the cosplayers at Tokyo in Tulsa, it’s a good idea to stop by one of the AT&T stores in Oklahoma to make sure your devices are up to your data needs. Tulsa’s expansive festival lineup is a testament to the city’s commitment to culture, art, and music and you’re going to want the photos and videos to prove it.

A Tulsa Trip You Won’t Forget

Tulsa is certainly an underrated gem in the prairie. It’s an unassuming city with friendly locals, but you never hear too much boasting. So whether you’re a music buff, a cocktail connoisseur, or a fine-dining fanatic, you’re going to fit in perfectly. No matter what you decide to do during your stay in Tulsa, you’re sure to have a great time.


  • Tamra Phelps

    I would love to see Cain’s Ballroom. That would be a good time. Tulsa sounds like a good time, too.

  • Lauryn R

    I haven’t been in forever! Thank you so much for sharing all of these fun things to do in Tulsa. 🙂 I will remember this the next time we visit.

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