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12 Life Hacks To Make Owning A Dog Much Easier

Being a pet owner can be hard work, so if any useful life hacks make things easier, and allow you to enjoy your pooch even more than you did before, then you should definitely start to use them. Here are some that, once added to your daily routine, you just won’t be able to live without.

Buy A Carabiner

A carabiner is a spring-loaded type of metal loop, and it’s an invaluable tool to take with you when you are walking your dog. If you have more than one pet to handle, you can utilize a carabiner to connect all the leashes; that way you only have one to control. You can also use the carabiner to secure your dog if you need to stop somewhere. Simply loop the leash around a pole or similar, and connect it up. Your dog is safe, and you can do whatever task that needs doing.

Old Pillowcases

Don’t throw out old pillowcases; you can use them for your dog’s bed. If you have a piece of quilting or foam, you can stuff your old pillowcases with this, and your dog will happily sleep for hours at a time on it. When the bedding starts to get dirty and smelly, simply replace the pillowcase with a fresh one, and throw the mucky one in the wash.

Slow Your Dog Down With A Tennis Ball

Although you might think that a tennis ball will speed your dog up, when it comes to food they really do work to slow them down. Place a tennis ball in the middle of your dog’s bowl, and they won’t be able to snuffle their food at quite such a rapid pace. This will mean they don’t overeat, so you’ll get a healthier dog plus you’ll save money on food bills.

Disguise The Pills

Using special pill treats such as VetIQ pet pill pockets if you need to give your dog medication can save a lot of time and trouble. Dogs don’t generally like taking pills; they have a good sense of preservation that kicks in if they taste anything that could be poisonous. We’ve all been there, struggling with our pets to try to get them to swallow something that will make them feel better, and failing. Even when we think we’ve succeeded, it’s common to find a discarded pill amongst your dog’s bedding days or weeks later. Pill treats help to disguise the pills well so that your dog won’t even notice they’re taking anything.

Rubber Gloves

Pet ownership comes with its own little perks and peculiarities, and one of those is that you’ll end up covered in fur, as will your furniture, carpets, and pretty much everything you own. It’s just something we put up with because we love our dogs so much. Now and then, though, it’s a good idea to remove that fur – this is especially a good idea if you’re going on a date or attending a job interview! One great way to do just that is to wear rubber gloves, like those from Unigloves, and wipe away at all the offending surfaces. The fur will come away quickly and easily.


Your pooch will occasionally need to be pampered. Some things you can do by yourself, like getting the best dog nail grinder to keep their nails in check, while other things you’ll have to get someone else to do. They’ll certainly appreciate having their coat in tip-top condition, and you will also reap the benefits! You won’t be covered in quite as much fur, they’ll smell divine (for a couple of days at least), and you can use the pampering time as an excuse to get yourself a much needed rest as well! If you don’t groom your dog very often, you may find they start to get itchy skin. There are many products that provide relief for your dog’s itchy skin but if you notice your dog itching, you need to act fast. Grooming doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg either, just make sure to search for local dog groomers in your area like (www.localdoggroomers.com.au in Balwyn Victoria) and you’ll be able to compare prices and packages. You may find a little gem out there.

Essential Oils

Beware: some essentials oils are poisonous to dogs, and shouldn’t be kept in the house. Lavender, however, is not a problem, and it can even calm anxious, stressed dogs down. If you put a few drops on a bandana and tie it around your pup’s neck, the lavender will go to work and cool even the most fractious of tempers. As a bonus, it will keep your dog smelling great, and look pretty cool too.

Tooth Brushing

Dogs aren’t keen on having their teeth brushed, and although it’s not necessary for every animal, some can certainly benefit from it. Rather than attempting to brush your dog’s teeth in the traditional method, put some vet approved dog toothpaste on a chew toy and let your dog brush his or her own teeth simply by playing.

Diaper Bags

Dog poop bags are fairly expensive, but you don’t have to use them to remove your dog’s business from the sidewalk or yard. Instead, use baby diaper bags. They’re much cheaper, and if you already have a baby, you’ll be saving even more money.

Reuse Old Socks

There are plenty of sites where you can find the perfect dog toy for your dog (sites like DogeToys), you just have to find one that suits your dog best. For example, if your dog is still a puppy, then you want something that they can chew on safely, but if you know that your dog normally destroys soft toys within seconds, then you need something a bit stronger. If your dog is the kind of pet that gets through toys within minutes of being given one, there is a solution. Instead of continuing to buy expensive dog toys, take an old sock, place an empty water bottle inside, and sew or tie it up. You’ve just made an instant crinkle toy, and if it gets chewed up quickly, you can make dozens more for far less money than you would spend buying toys.


Something that many dog owners find is that their beloved pet has some pretty stinky breath at times. Toothpaste or pills can be expensive, so an alternative is to sprinkle chopped up parsley on their food. They’ll like the taste, it’s good for them, and it keeps their breath nice and fresh too.

Baby Powder

If your dog has a mat he or she likes to sleep on you’ll find that it gets grubby pretty quickly. The best (and cheapest) way to get it really clean is to sprinkle it with baby powder. This will loosen the dirt, and you should just be able to brush it off. The bonus here is that the mat will be left smelling pretty (and so will your dog). Other ways to clean up after your dog include combining vinegar, baking soda, and water to make a non-toxic cleaning spray.

Socks On Paws

For dogs who constantly chew their own paws, it’s a good idea to visit the vet. However, if your dog only does it every now and then, you might want to consider putting a sock on their feet and taping it at the top to keep it there. It will stop the chewing and keep your pooch’s paws much healthier.


  • Tamra Phelps

    I wish we still had a dog. After our last dog died, over 20 years ago, we moved & began renting. So, pets are a ‘no’ right now.

  • Barrie

    Some great ideas, most I’ve never thought of! I love the parsley on the food and the tennis bowl in the food bowl!

  • Katie

    I LOVE the old pillowcase/socks idea. I’ll have to use these when I get my doggie. It’ll also remind them of me when I’m not there 🙂

  • Vickie L Couturier

    i dont believe i can remember a time we havent had a dog,,maybe a month or two between a death but not long actually usually have more than one dog or a dog and a cat

  • Barbara

    Well ya learn something new everyday. I’ve owned dogs for years and never tried the rubber glove method. I also never heard about the parsley for bad breath. My beagle has the worst breath ever. Hope it helps. She also gobbles her food but removes the tennis ball lol. Old socks is a favorite of mine to use for the beagle who destroys her toys instantly. Great read.

  • Rosie

    Wow I never saw so many truly good hacks for dogs in one place, and most I never heard of before. I’m keeping these in mind for when I get a dog.

  • PattiAnn Green

    Wow! These are awesome tips. I’m going to share this with my daughter who has 2 beautiful furbabies. I love the tip about the old sock and water bottle!! Brilliant!

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