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11 Common Mistakes Made During Their Periods: Tips for Women

At times it is difficult to be a woman, especially during the critical days that come every month, and bring with them new emotions and sensations. There are some tips to follow regarding monthly experience. Hygiene is a major factor in compliance. There are things to be wary of during menstruation, as they are harmful and dangerous to a woman’s health. Certain foods taken on such days will not be beneficial or produce good results.

What to do for Having a Healthy Menstrual Cycle?

Here are some common mistakes women make during their menstrual cycle. 

1- Use Of Vaginal And Hygiene Products

During these days you may feel itchy and need to take a thorough shower. Some women don’t know that the vagina has its system to keep it clean. Typically, good bacteria are produced along with bad ones. You should always wash yourself with warm water instead of using soap, as this will kill friendly bacteria and lead to infection.

2- Fatty Meat

Nobody wants to get an extra dose of pain during critical days. The occurrence of unpleasant sensations occurs due to dishes that increase pain and swelling. Eating meat in everyday life will not affect your well-being in any way, but during your period it can lead to pain and inflammation. 

Since fatty meat is very rich, its consumption leads to cramps and pain, control the cravings for meat during a specific period. You can eat fish or chicken instead.

3- Drinking Alcohol

Drinking alcohol during these days is a big mess. It can lead to post-menstrual syndrome (PMS). You should not drink alcohol, especially in the first three days. Many specialists consider it fatal for those who are already addicts. 

Having a hard time during periods is normal, so don’t make it tougher by excessive drinking. Moreover, habits during these can become a new normal for regular days. Then you might have to take treatment for alcohol problems from a specialist.

4- Exercises

Critical days are the time when you feel bloated, oily, and unattractive. So don’t go for a run or the gym. You will end up angry and annoyed because your body is unable to release the tension from your workout. It is better to refrain from exertion for several days, and then you can start jogging or exercise again.

Also, you will protect your clothes from stains. Exercises during a time when spasms persist in the uterus are not beneficial to the body. Some doctors prescribe physical education, but it includes special movements to help cope with pain and discomfort.

5- Eating Tons Of Chocolate

There is an opinion that you need to eat chocolate as soon as your critical days begin. It may help some people, but for most girls, it ends up with pimples and blackheads on their face. Chocolate contains caffeine, which activates hormones, which can eventually lead to heavy periods. 

6- Reusable Sanitary Pads

Over time, more and more types of sanitary napkins continue to be introduced to the market. We continually want to try new products, each one claiming to be the best. Women should avoid using multiple types of pads. If you know that a particular type is right for you, you should not switch to another. Tampons are a new type of hygiene products designed for special purposes.

Some women with heavy bleeding use two pads at the same time to avoid stains, which is unhygienic as well as uncomfortable. Using multiple pieces can lead to rashes and itching as you have to wait for them to be ready for replacement.

7- Eating Ice-Cream

Cold foods should not be taken during your period. Sweets are at the top of the addiction rating during these days. Ice cream can play a cruel joke in the occurrence of cramps. This is not common to all girls and women. 

Some people think that ice cream is the only solution to help get through the agony, for others it is just food that they would like to eat. It has been scientifically proven that women should ignore the use of dairy products during their period, in particular ice cream.

8- Participate In A Dispute

Our hormones are gaining momentum with the onset of critical days. The condition a woman experiences at such a moment is called PMS (post menstrual syndrome). Some experience it before the onset of critical days, and some throughout. 

We can say that this syndrome indicates when it is not advisable to start arguing in any way. Since in the end, the hormones will speak for you, and the worst things will be said. Getting involved in an argument should be the last thing you want on days like this.

9- Do Housework

If you are a housewife who always loves to clean the house, then you should press the pause in this particular period. We all feel lazy and grumpy these days and the working day will drain you more than ever. Try to limit yourself to making your bed and collecting things. If you add washing and dusting on top of that, you end up in bed for the next two days. 

10- Yoga

Certain doctors recommend a special set of exercises during the critical days, including exercises that relieve pain and cramps. Yoga should not be practiced during menstruation. Some exercises can lead to increased blood flow, especially standing on the head.

11- Wash In The Wrong Direction

If we wash away from the anal area to the pubic area, bad bacteria will enter the vagina, causing infections. Particular attention should be paid to washing during menstruation. Hygiene on such days must be observed with great care.

Summing Up

To have a healthy menstrual period, you need to avoid the mentioned mistakes. Or it would lead to serious inflammation and pain. We are hopeful that by following the above tips, you will have a good period- time next month.

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