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Your Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist for 2022

Now that spring is in full swing it has occurred to you that doing a full clean of your home is a necessary course of action. There is something enjoyable, refreshing and revitalizing about bringing your home back to life as a new season begins. Spring cleaning your home can even make it look more expensive as everything will appear much brighter and fresher, so what better reason to kickstart spring than with an in-depth cleaning and organizing session? Spring cleaning your home may take you a couple of days or even a couple of weeks depending on the types of tasks you want to do. The most important thing to remember is that you are refreshing your beloved home and giving it a new lease of life for the spring and summer time. Here are a few different areas of your home that you may want to consider during your spring cleaning project. Take as many of these ideas as you wish, and enjoy the process of bringing your home back to life!

Garage Organization

Your garage is something that can easily become cluttered and disorganized over a long period of time. As part of your spring cleaning process you should definitely consider clearing out your garage and getting as organized as possible. In terms of getting started with your garage organization, it is important to invest in smart storage solutions so that you can be as prepared as possible when redistributing your belongings. You may also want to donate some of your unwanted items to charity; this will not only help you to clear out some space, but you will also be contributing to an excellent cause.

Outdoor Furniture Spruce Up

Over the autumn and winter months your outdoor furniture can undergo a fair amount of wear and tear from the outdoor elements. Now is the ideal opportunity to bring your garden furniture back to life in just a few simple steps. You can easily clean wicker furniture, because of the nature of the material. Luckily, all-weather wicker is an extremely common material used for garden furniture because it is so durable and easy to maintain. As well as cleaning your backyard furniture, you may also want to replenish any other faded items that you may have in your outdoor space. For example, you can bring old plant pots to live with a simple lick of chalk paint; this is the perfect idea if you want to reuse your plant parts and add a splash of color to your gorgeous garden.

Home Office Clear Out

Having a productive day of work is highly dependent on the environment around you. If you do not have a motivating and tidy home office, you may struggle to get certain tasks done and you may even have difficulty concentrating. Getting your home office organized should be near the top of your priority list with regards to your spring cleaning project. There are a number of different ways you can approach your home office clear-out, depending on your personal preferences and specific needs. You may want to begin by clearing your desk and giving the surface a really good wipe with an antibacterial spray. A lot of dust and dirt residue can build up on your desk, keyboard, mouse, computer screen, and much more. This is why it is important to thoroughly clean every aspect of your home office during this process.

Laundry Room Revamp

Your laundry room is a space that can quickly become overburdened with peoples belongings in your household. More often than not a laundry room becomes a dumping ground whereby your beloved family members feel they can leave their dirty shoes and unwanted bags, so that you can clean them up. If your laundry room is in need of a much desired revamp, take this as your opportunity to give it the makeover it deserves. Install your very own shelving unit, and use labels to indicate where certain items need to go. This level of organization is not only maintainable, but it is also aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

Bedroom Switch Up

When you lay your head down in the evening after a long day at work, you want to enjoy every moment of relaxing in your bedroom. Your closet, drawers and bedside table can quickly become overburdened with belongings. During your spring cleaning project you may want to clear out the furniture in your bedroom, so that you can throw away unwanted items and rediscover belongings you may have forgotten that you own!

Living Room Lighten Up

Your living space is an area that should exude calmness and serenity, however clutter, dust and mess can accumulate over time. During your busy working day you don’t always have time to focus on the more intricate aspects of cleaning your living room. During your spring cleaning project you should consider removing all of your cushion covers and soft furnishings and sending them to the dry cleaners. You can also use a very simple at home upholstery cleaner to give your sofas a brand-new lease of life. Vacuuming in between your sofa cushions and using an upholstery cleaner will not only bring your sofas back to life, but they will be much more hygienic for you to sit on and enjoy! Deep cleaning your sofas is even more important if you have small children in your house, as you never know what might be hiding deep in the surfaces of your couch.

Bathroom Blitz

When was the last time you gave your entire bathroom a thorough clean? You may keep on top of bathroom maintenance and cleaning every week or so, but now is the time to really go deeper and clean out the areas that you would normally miss. For example, your bathroom cabinets can quickly become clogged up with medicines, skincare items, hair products and many other toiletries that have actually expired. During your spring cleaning process, you may want to clear out your bathroom cabinets so that you can have peace of mind that all of your products are still within their specified expiry date. Similarly, you may also want to clear all of the surfaces in your bathroom so that you can give everything a deep clean. Whether you use a home-made cleaning product, or you opt for an over-the-counter spray, it is up to you how you approach the overall cleaning of your bathroom.

Windows and Doors

Cleaning your windows and doors regularly is highly recommended, but don’t worry if you’ve neglected them in recent months; now is the perfect time to give them a little extra tender loving care! You could consider hiring a professional window cleaner for those high and difficult to reach spots, or you can get handy with a ladder or by yourself. Have a look online for some more inspiration with regards to cleaning your windows and doors, to give yourself peace of mind that you are doing everything correctly.

As the months and years go by, your home can undergo some considerable wear and tear. This means that a regular spring clean is necessary in order to restore the peace. Although the idea of cleaning and organizing your entire home may seem daunting, you can break up the project into smaller and more manageable chunks. Whether you want to focus on your bedrooms or give your outdoor space some tender loving care, there are a number of different approaches you can take with regards to spring cleaning. Hopefully, you are well equipped with inspiration and ideas to start your spring cleaning project sooner rather than later!

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