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How To Choose The Right Window For Your Basement

While the temperature is still low in most of the cities, homeowners have started to think about spring renovation projects. One of the most popular renovations is to replace old windows and doors. While some people may prefer to do more landscaping work to add the curb appeal of the house, they neglect one important advantage from the high quality windows and doors — great energy efficiency. That’s right. A double glazed sliding windows will greatly enhance the insulation and conserve energies, which is why lots of homeowners will consider investing in good windows for the basement.

The basement is a good place for an extra guest room or entertainment room as it is far away from the rest of the bedrooms so it will not be disturbing to other family members. Installing safe and premium windows into the basement, like those from Renewal by Andersen windows, will be a good spring renovation project, and will help to complete the room. Here are 3  tips you can use before adding a window to your basement.

Better insulation

The basement is naturally cooler than other spaces in your home, so it is worthwhile to get a quality window to add insulation to the room. A nicely insulated window can also provide better entertainment effects. That being said, vinyl windows will be the best choice as they are sturdy, sound and water resistant and affordable.

Safety first

A relatively small window is always a good choice for a basement room due to the safety concern. That’s why you can rarely find bay windows or picture windows for any basement. On the contrary, a versatile and small awning window is always the top candidate.

Ventilation is important

Nobody likes the smell and mold that may grow in the basement. That’s why an awning window can be popular. Although it is small, it can be opened smoothly to allow fresh air and natural sunlight to come in. 

A nicely furnished basement with the right window will be a great room in your house. You can watch movies and even get Karaoke equipment. Moreover, when you plan to sell your house, the renovations you have done will help you get a good price. If you live in a big city, you can book a free-estimate from local window installers for your windows and doors Oshawa project. 

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